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October 27th, 2010

Will Republicans be as brave as President Obama?

By Rob Gettemy

With the election less than a week away, most who follow politics have a mixed bag of emotions.  For instance, I find myself both excited and scared.   Do I want the Republicans to win?  Yes, more than anything.  But, if we win, then what?  Will we be as brave as President Obama?  The President was willing to push a leftist agenda on a country that has always been center-right.  He told us exactly what he would do, we elected him, then, he did it.  He was willing to sacrifice his party’s power because he believes so deeply in the progressive/socialist agenda.  If he had the nerve to do that to a center-right country, shouldn’t we have the nerve to be upfront about a truly Constitutional conservative agenda?

I had hoped so for many months.  Now, I am concerned.  I see too many so-called Republican politicians who seemed to embrace truly conservative principles such as Paul Ryan’s roadmap during the primary season now running away from them when it counts.  Some say integrity is doing the right thing even when no-one is watching.  For politicians, perhaps we should say integrity is doing the right thing when everyone is watching. If a politician doesn’t have the courage of their convictions when they are running, they WILL NOT have the courage of their convictions when they are in Congress.  We have seen it over and over.  Lets face it, with only two years between elections, members of the House are always in “election-mode.”

Facts are facts.  The fact is, if we don’t materially change the culture of dependence in our country in the next several years, we’ll follow every other civilized society.  They all prosper for some time, but eventually, politicians start bribing the electorate with the public treasury.  This creates dependency and a ceding of power from the “subjects” to the ruling class.  However, to keep the subjects happy, the ruling class finds it has to offer more and more from the treasury.   At some point, the system collapses.  My fear is we may have already reached that point.  As of today, nearly 60% of the country is net dependent on the federal government.  Can this be turned back?  I have to admit, I worry that it might not.  If principled conservatives won’t fight hard in October 2010 when the wind is fully at their back, when will they?

Our national character is on the line.  The very fundamentals that make America a truly unique and exceptional place are at risk.  When liberals start a sentence with, “Every other industrialized nation provides,” will our response be that we are unique and exceptional precisely because we are not like every other industrialized nation?  Or, will we cower and try to convince everyone we’ll do everything the Democrats will do, we’ll just do it at a lower cost?

We are now seeing the industrialized countries in Europe realize that the systems we are now emulating do, in fact, collapse under their own weight.  Yet, we charge forward to be just like them in the name of compassion and caring.  Their fate will eventually be our fate.

Let me share a tangible example.  When there was a push a month or so ago to extend unemployment to 99 weeks, both Republicans and Democrats agreed it needed to be done.  The only issue the Republicans seemed to bring up was how we were paying for it.  So, clearly, our elected Republicans were saying it is appropriate to pay people to not work long term.  This is antithetical to American values and destructive to our economy even if the money virtually grew on trees.  Yes, unemployment is difficult and jobs are not as plentiful as they’ve been in the past.  However, unreasonably long unemployment eats away at the very soul of the country.  I talked to many employers during the Spring that were struggling to find workers.  Why?  Because many people were unwilling to work for less than they previously earned while they could be paid for doing nothing.  In many cases, it was not even a matter of being offered a lower paying job.  No, many decided to not seriously consider a job offer until they were close to the end of their unemployment benefits.

Sure, it sounds cold.  Tough love usually does.  But, we must stand up for American values.  Another example is that of Social Security and Medicare.  Many of our politicians that spoke eloquently about the need to reform these two huge entitlements in the Spring, now won’t mention them.  The combined unfunded liability for these two programs as of today is $43 trillion or roughly $380,000 per household.  If wait just five years to work on this problem, that total increases to $57 trillion or over $500,000 per household.  If our spines are not stiff enough to talk about and tackle this now, we might as well give into socialism today.  Why fight a battle if you don’t have the will to win the war?  If we kick this can down the road, the war is lost.

So, my question to the soon to be elected Congress is will you show the backbone that our party has not shown in many years?  Will you truly fight to restore America’s exceptionalism, or will you simply go to Washington for the good times to be had by a Congressman or Senator?  Will you fight the way Paul Ryan, Jim Demint, Michelle Bachmann and a handful of others do when people are not looking and when they are?  If you are unwilling to push for a Constitutional renewal despite the heavy artillery that is thrown your way by those seeking the destruction of the American way, you, the 112th Congress will be responsible for letting our last chance slip away.

Some might call this Republican bashing.  I prefer to think of it as putting my party on notice that conservatives will vote for them, but we will also hold them accountable.

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Rob Gettemy
Rob Gettemy is the founder and owner of 1 Million for Jesus Christ, a Christian apparel company. In addition, Rob teaches entrepreneurship at the University of Iowa and was a candidate for US House, Iowa District 2 in the 2010 Republican primary. Rob attended the 912 rally in Washington DC in 2009 and also attended the 8-28 event in 2010. Rob has been an outspoken critic of liberal policies his entire adult life.

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