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June 5th, 2010

Will Johnson Schools Opponent in 1st CD

Will Johnson answers the call to educate his opponent on constitutional principles and the Christian morals they represent

Will Johnson, as the Constitutionally Conservative Republican looking to take on the establishment incumbent (D) Bruce Braley here in the 1st Congressional District of Iowa, fields yet another question his opponent has. Ben Lange, as the only other primary opponent, has had more time now to exclusively seek the advise of Johnson regarding Constitutional issues as relates to Intelligence gathering agencies and operations. Stark differences in experience between the two Republican candidates help explain the divergence on National Security issues. Johnson served in the Navy during both 9/11 and the Iraq War with his Theater of Operations being the Middle-East and especially Israel (fluent Hebrew linguist). Having been awarded the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal also clearly distinguishes Will Johnson’s experience.

Johnson issued the following statement:

Which is more patriotic: obeying orders without question, or obeying only lawful orders as stated in the UCMJ and in the service member’s Oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Let history remind us of what happens to those that would state they are “just obeying orders”; Nuremburg trials of Nazi War Criminals is the just result of this ideology. Judge Napolitano of Fox News’ Freedom Watch speaks clearly about the incredulity of assassinating U.S. citizens. Those in the CIA that would obey orders without question and expect “retroactive immunity” from the government for atrocious acts of torture and assassination (even on U.S. Citizens) must be held accountable for their actions. As a former member of the Intelligence community, I have the highest regard for ethical, Constitutional gathering practices. What we have seen since 9/11 is the same thing we are seeing with the HealthCare issue; more government to “solve the problem.” This big government solution is a liberal tendency and is what brought us Homeland Security, the most bloated umbrella Intelligence agency to date. Instead of looking at the root causes of terrorism, those such as my opponent see only the smoke; I am looking to extinguish the fire. FEMA is another example of what has been happening to Federal agencies and their attempt to silence the voice of Christian conservatives, who would speak of the founding fathers. This video clip (click here to see video) shows a FEMA representative addressing an Oklahoma police department and calling Christians and our Founding Fathers terrorists! 

America is a beacon on a hill and it is this light that has been shining in a darkened world, as the example of what a Christian nation “under God” represents. Our strength of arms and economy has come directly from the blessings bestowed upon a nation that follows biblical Christian values. This is why the Christian Founding Fathers put into the Constitution that only “Congress shall declare war.” This measure enacted the Christian “Just War” doctrine that was based on National Defense, not National interests. This excuse of using our military for anything other than true National Defense is an idea from the political class, not from Christianity. It’s time for the Christian community to stand up for our Christian principles and not be silenced by the misinterpreted phrase “Seperation of church and state.” When a society accepts such radical extremism from our unbiblical political leaders such as torture and assassination, the blessings of God will not remain. Agencies that not only conduct this activity but vigorously condone it need to be weeded out. The NSA can and has provided defensive and actionable intelligence since 1952 and does not need the stain of what the CIA has come to represent, which is torture, kidnappings, renditions, and assassinations. The fact that my opponent agrees with the Obama Administration in continuing these heinous actions is the original reason I got into this race, so this is fitting that here at the end of the primary the issue comes full circle. Let us remember our past and cherish our Christian Heritage, and realize that every generation must take up the call to defend our values from a government that would sieze them. On June 8th, let us hold to Iowa’s motto on the flag that states “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain”!

”The means of defense against foreign danger have historically become the instruments of tyranny at home” – James Madison

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