January 27th, 2010

Who do Women’s Groups want Banned From the Super Bowl?

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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tebowBy Emily Geiger

Q: What is it that the Planned Parenthood and the NOW crowd don’t want you to see during the Super Bowl?

A: Um, probably those stupid misogynistic Go commercials with half naked chicks and mud wrestling.

A: Nope. Guess again.

Q: I give up. What don’t Planned Parenthood and NOW want me to see during the Super Bowl?

A: An ad featuring Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and his mom.

Q: Why?

A: Because Tim and Pam Tebow are going to talk about how Pam was told she should abort Tim while she was pregnant with him, and then she’s going to tell the world how glad she is that she chose life.

Q: So?

A: So, they don’t want the millions of American women (and the men in their lives) to be faced with the babies they aborted over the last 40 years, and they surely don’t want that face to take the form of Tim Tebow, a smart, articulate, and truly gifted athlete who is the ideal of what every mother dreams their baby could grow up to be.

You see, Planned Parenthood wants women to think that their unborn children are just blobs of tissue who are probably going to be deformed and who are endangering their lives. They don’t want women to think of their unborn children as loving, caring, selfless, handsome Heisman trophy winners.

That might lead to fewer abortions and less cash in the coffers of the baby killers.

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