August 6th, 2010

What I think About Bob’s Press Conference

Just a few thoughts in advance of Vander Plaats’ press conference this morning.

  1. I love the fact that I compared Vander Plaats to Brett Favre yesterday then a few hours later he announces a press conference.  Seriously, this might be the best analogy I’ve ever made.
  2. If the news reports that say Vander Plaats is going to lead an effort to boot three of the Supreme Court Justices is true, and he’s not going to run for governor as an independent, that’s good news.  It’s good for Vander Plaats people who want a strong leader to rail against judicial activism and its good for the party establishment who don’t want Vander Plaats to peel votes away from Branstad.
  3. It seems like maybe Bob read my article that talked about zero sum negotiating. All and All I think it’s a good deal.  It’s exactly what I wrote about a month a go when I said the following:The problem with Vander Plaats negotiating tactics is that he’s not willing to give anything up.  The only thing Bob is willing to give Branstad is himself, and a promise that such a move would unite the party.  Yet if you listen to Bob, he is still going to go out and campaign for his executive order and all that jazz.  So what he is really offering Branstad is a big headache.
  4. I could care less if Bob ever endorses Branstad or not.  I know that will be the focus of the news coverage today, but it’s not important.  All I care about is that he doesn’t do anything to help reelect Chet Culver.That said, if the Republican Governor’s Association is pumping some coin into Vander Plaats’ effort then it tells us a couple things about Bob.

    a. While he is unwilling to publically endorse, he basically has made a deal with the RGA/Branstad campaign, so don’t be fooled.  That’s an endorsement it itself.

    b. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but if that’s the case then it really makes it seem that Vander Plaats really just wanted a paid gig.  For all you     people who listen to the radio, that’s another way to say he sold out for a seat at the table.  He wanted asked to be the LG nominee, he then ran to be the LG nominee, and now the RGA is basically going to pay him to travel around the state to talk about judges.

Today’s announcement shows us that Vander Plaats finally agreed to negotiate.  He will give up his quest for his executive order and will no longer be hostile to Branstad in exchange for some financial resources.  I think it’s a good deal.  Too bad it took till August to get it done.

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