May 13th, 2010

Ughhh… Enough Already. Go Away Sanford!

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

Will this guy just shut up and go away?

He’s been publicly embarrassed and humiliated. He’s had intimate love notes published on the internet. He’s lied to an entire state who elected him. He’s betrayed his wife and set a horrific example for how his young sons should treat women. He’s even been publicly reprimanded for state ethics violations.

You’d think a guy like this would go quietly into the night.

Or, you’d at least hope that he could refrain from having weekend getaways in Florida with the mistress who broke up his marriage until he’s no longer governor.

But sadly, you’d be wrong.

Here’s what South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford, had to say at a recent press conference:

“As a matter of record, everybody in this room knows exactly who I was with over the weekend,” Sanford said. “That is no mystery to anybody given what I said last summer. And, you know, the purpose was obviously to see if something could be restarted on that front given the rather enormous geographic gulf between us. And time will tell. I don’t know if it will or won’t.”

How does a guy this stupid and susceptible to diarrhea of the mouth ever get elected governor of a state?

I ask that question, and then I remember the guy that got elected president, and I can only shake my head.

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