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August 12th, 2010

Two Polls in Two Days Agree: Grassley Lead Widens

Independents, Women Favor GOP Incumbent by Strong Margins
U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley leads challenger Roxanne Conlin by 59-33 percent with strong margins among Republicans, independents and women, according to a Voter/Consumer Research poll released today.

The poll, published by, comes one day after a survey conducted by the Rasmussen Report showed Grassley leading Conlin by 55-35 percent, which is the largest of the double-digit leads the incumbent Republican has recorded in the organization’s three polls on the race this year.

The Voter/Consumer Research poll indicates Grassley leads Conlin 68.6 percent to 21.5 percent among women under 45. He also leads Conlin among women 45 and older by 51.3 percent to 36.3 percent. Grassley holds a two-to-one advantage among independents. Forty percent of Democrats say they do not support Conlin while Grassley receives support from 24 percent of Democrats.

Bob Renaud, campaign manager for Grassley’s re-election effort, said the poll “underscores the numbers since the start of the year from credible polling sources.”

“All the polling has been in line with today’s results except for one set of numbers from a group that is being sued for fraud for fabricating data. That Roxanne Conlin still attempts to use those numbers speaks volumes about her hypocrisy and that campaign’s desperation,” Renaud said. “All the reliable polling out there indicates that Iowans value more than ever Chuck Grassley’s work to control government spending and provide a check and balance against Washington liberals who want to expand government’s reach into every aspect of the private sector and individuals’ lives.”

Renaud continued, “Iowans know Chuck Grassley is one of us and he’s in touch with us. And, they see right through Roxanne Conlin’s hypocrisy when she talks against tax breaks for the wealthy but personally benefits from tens of millions of dollars in tax credits. They know that Roxanne Conlin would be a rubber stamp for the Pelosi-Reid agenda of more spending and even bigger government – and they don’t want that.”

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