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May 5th, 2010

Two Offices that Republicans Cannot Ignore

Capitol DomeBy James Johnson

State Treasurer. Secretary of State. Two important offices. Two ignored offices.

While Iowa’s political reporters are fixated on the 2010 gubernatorial race, history has taught us that he who holds the purse and he who counts the votes are powerful players in the political process. Thus, Republicans cannot afford to ignore them.

For nearly four years, Republican State Auditor David Vaudt has been warning about reckless spending by the Democrat legislature and governor. Yet he has been virtually ignored because State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald has been silent on the issue.

Television, radio, and print media outlets have paid little attention to Auditor Vaudt’s constant warnings of a rising sea of red ink. Beyond their periodic mentions of “possible inconsistencies” in the state budget, these traditional news mediums have been spiking this very newsworthy story.

But what would have happened if the Republican Party had controlled the State Treasurer’s office? Imagine if the State Auditor and State Treasurer had visited all 99 Iowa counties together, and had held press conferences and town hall meetings to expose the reckless Democrat spending going on under the Golden Dome.

The outcome would have been a political lynch mob of Iowa taxpayers from river to river, voting Democrats out of office in the legislative elections of 2008, and buying new rope for a gubernatorial hanging in 2010.

Also, for the last four years, ultra-rich Democrats like George Soros have been engaging in what they call “The Secretary of State Project.” Never heard of it? Not surprising. Because you are not meant to.

It is an under-the-radar political strategy to pick off the all-too-often ignored Secretary of State seat in every state, beginning with targeted states like Minnesota, Washington… and, yes, Iowa.

They picked off the Minnesota seat in 2006. Two years later, on Election Day 2008, Republican U.S. Senator Norm Coleman won reelection over Democrat challenger Al Franken. The statewide recount a few days later showed the same thing: a Coleman victory.

But the Secretary of State refused to certify the win, and spent the next six weeks stealing the election from Coleman and giving it wholesale to the former Saturday Night Live jester.

By claiming that upon closer inspection many of Coleman’s votes were invalid, and that many Franken votes had been “found” during the process, the Minnesota Secretary of State gave the Democrats their future “60th Vote” for the 2010 government takeover of the American healthcare system.

Scary? Yes! But that was nothing compared to what the Democrats did in Washington state four years earlier.

In 2004, Republican Dino Rossi beat Democrat Chris Gregoire outright. That is, on Election Day. In the days that followed, the Democrat Secretary of State refused to certify the win, and claimed that his office had detected voting irregularities in heavily Democrat precincts. Wouldn’t you know it that weeks later, the Secretary of State certified that the Democrat candidate was the actual winner, because thousands of uncounted ballots were suddenly “discovered,” nearly all of which were designated for the Democrat candidate.

We are in a war. A war for Western Civilization. If “We the People” can no longer ensure free elections in our own country, than “We the People” have ceased to be our own rulers, and are instead ruled by a cabal of dark, sinister, and evil men who will stop at nothing in their lust for power.

State Treasurer. Secretary of State. These offices matter. Do not ignore them.

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James M. Johnson
James M. Johnson is the president of the Iowa Republican Assembly, which works to get constitutionally minded conservatives elected to leadership positions in the Republican Party, and to elective office on the local, state, and federal level. He has worked on over 50 political campaigns and holds an M.A. in public policy with a concentration in political communication.

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