March 28th, 2010

TRUTH, HOPE, LOVE: Iowa College Republicans Ready For Battle!

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Dane Nealson, who on Saturday relinquished his duties as IFCR Chairman gives congratulations to the new IFCR 2010-2011 Executive Board: Chairman Matthew Jay Sexton, Vice Chairman Lucas Draisey, Secretary Natalie Ginty, and Treasurer Jared Parker! This year’s convention was a phenomenal success and thank you to all who attended or helped out! Looking forward to big Republican victories this November! – Dane

Below enjoy Saturday’s artjournalism fuzography coverage including images of Dane Nealson, Matt Sexton, Emily Lofgren, Brenna Findley, Jim Gibbons, Ryan Rhoads, Matt Simeon, Kim Kehman, Pat Bertroche, Matt Strawn, Tom Latham, Matt Schultz, Dave Vaudt, Bob Vander Plaats, Terry Branstad, Rod Roberts, Dave Davidson and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver (Not really I was just seeing if you were still reading). But first things first…

I spoke with Dane today thanking him for the opportunity to be a speaker at the IFCR event. During my speech I kept to topics like TEApublican, the 3rd congressional district race and saying Farewell Boswell, while challenging students to make a wise decision on the candidates they not only want to vote for, but also volunteer or work for. Ironically I did not even mention much about being a “Culvernator” (anyone wanting to terminate the term of Iowa democratic governor Chet Culver. Nor did I mention my ancillary anti site for Branstad or how devoted I am to Bob Vander Plaat’s campaign. I kept things light on the gop gov. topic.

Dane and I have developed a friendship running into each other over a dozen times over the past year at various political events. He was a very dedicated Chairman of the IFCR. We chatted about the event and agreed that it was rude that the KCCI media guy interrupted Rod Robert’s speech to retrieve his precious microphone. (Way to go Channel 8.) We also talked about the elephant in the room…

When Terry Branstad was introduced it was noted that Dane Nealson would be leading the effort to mobilize students for Branstad. When this surprising news was announced oddly about a dozen students turned to the back of the room, where I was standing next to Greg Baker, who is on staff for Vander Plaats and who was the IFCR Chairman preceding Dane. It was if to see what does Greg think of this? What does Dave think of this?

I’m no former IFCR Chair, but I did joke about running for Pottawatomie County Dog Catcher. All this to say, make no mistake how much I believe it is vital that Iowa need’s the freedom based leadership and turnaround C.E.O. vision of Bob Vander Plaats as our next governor. (I’m sure Dane would have a line for his candidate too.) In fact to show my commitment, loyalty and passion for the need for us to elect Bob, I proposed some kind of gentleman’s bet about the governor’s race with my friend Dane Nealson.

We thought about a western gun shooting duel, but Dane didn’t think he could find his cowboy hat. We considered a swashbuckling sword fight, but my puffy pirate shirt is at the cleaners indefinitely. We also entertained the idea of a good old fashion joust, but well, you get the idea we just needed a good friendly bet to motivate each other and stand strongly for our candidate. Something personal that would depict a burning the ships type of dedication was needed…

So I challenged Dane to a “primary balding” with simple terms. If Branstad wins the primary, off goes my hair down to the onion noggin. If Vander Plaats wins the primary, off goes Dane’s head, I mean hair. And yes we both like our hair the way it is, very much so in fact. I have never been bald and Dane has been once and vowed to never return to such a draft.

You may be thinking what about Rod Roberts? Well we discussed that too. If Rod wins the primary we will ask Rod himself what new hair color we will both don.

So there you go. Two friends, two political passions, only one with a head of hair June 9th.

If you want to show your dedication to either Vander Plaats or Branstad you too can join in our “Shave Dave vs. Dane’s Mane” Bald Battle.

Simply email us, Dave at [email protected] or Dane at [email protected] or find us on facebook and contact us with the email title of “Bald Battle” so we know who you are and who you are for.

We will announce in May the names of anyone else willing to join us for a hairy battle for the cause of who is the best for Iowa governor.

Photos by Dave Davidson

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Dave Davidson is the TIR artjournalism storyteller photographer and founder of (polite) presidential paparazzi with manners. He is the author of gobs of books including "Sarah Palin Inspires Me", "Huckisms" and "You May Be A TEApublican".

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