August 26th, 2010

Traditional Marriage’s Last Stand

It came out yesterday that Ken Mehlman is gay. Mehlman was George W. Bush’s campaign manager in 2004 and followed that up by heading up the RNC in 2006. My blog brother Grant wrote a tribute to Mehlman a month ago. It has some good information if you are looking to know more about him.

I really don’t care about Mehlman’s sexual preference. I don’t agree with it, and I think it’s not natural. The reason I’m writing about Mehlman is because I fear the end is near for traditional marriage as we used to know it.

In recent weeks, a number of prominent Republicans or conservative news personalities have either endorsed gay marriage or said they are not bothered by it. Next month Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Pete Sessions are scheduled to speak at the Log Cabin Republican dinner in DC. Sessions and Cornyn are leading the efforts in the House and Senate this cycle.

What worries me is that as more and more Republicans either come out of the closet like Mehlman or embrace the behavior like Glenn Beck, Joe Scarborough, and Republican leaders like Sessions and Cornyn, it becomes more and more difficult to defend traditional marriage.

This is why Iowans should be focused on reinstating traditional marriage as soon as possible instead of chasing rabbit trails. Time is running out, and I can see a scenario where we boot some judges, but do nothing to reinstate traditional marriage in Iowa. That’s winning a battle, but losing the war.

Christmas Caroling with Former Iowa Congressman Fred Grandy

I expect that the November elections will bring plenty of good will and cheer to Republicans this year. So what better way to spread our joy than to organize a statewide Christmas Caroling tour around the state? Congressman Gopher has already written our jingle, and I’m sure our National Committee woman will gladly join us as we sing Gopher’s new song, “Obama is a Muslim.

OK, I think I’ve caused enough trouble today.

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