June 17th, 2010

The Special Interest Mistress – Roxanne Conlin

At the Iowa Democratic State Convention this past weekend, Roxanne Conlin blamed Chuck Grassley for the oil spill in the gulf. She said that Grassley deregulated the environment, and this week tried to prevent re-regulation of the oil companies despite the spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Every morning we get up, every morning we look at that disaster and every morning we should point to Senator Grassley and say, ‘Why? Why Senator Grassley would you let this happen to our country?’” Conlin said.

To my knowledge, the only oil spill that Grassley is responsible for is the one that occurs when he changes the oil in his lawn mower.

Anyway, what Roxanne Conlin forgot to mention is that she owns stock in Transocean, the company that made the equipment that caused the leak in the gulf.

The good news is that the Grassley campaign caller her out.

Grassley campaign manager Bob Renaud called Conlin’s accusation absurd.

“Making such an absurd and unfounded claim that Chuck Grassley is responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, when she herself has some of her millions of dollars in personal wealth invested in an ownership interest in Transocean, the very company that was responsible for the equipment that caused the leak, is a new low,”

Renaud said. “Once again, Roxanne Conlin has put her personal hypocrisy on display at the Iowa Democratic Convention.”


Iowa Taxpayers are stuck with the bill for Culver’s screw up as Secretary of State

If Chet Culver’s piss poor leadership of the state wasn’t bad enough, the federal government just told Iowans to cough up a half million dollars that they don’t have because Culver is an idiot.  He couldn’t even manage the Secretary of State’s office.

The feds told the state that they repay $576,000 that Culver misspent as Secretary of State. Culver responded to the feds like he responds to the State Auditor every time he reminds the governor he is spending money he doesn’t have.

When asked whether that questioned spending would be paid back, Culver said “absolutely not.”

“We feel very good about the investments we made related to election reform,” Culver said, noting that Iowa’s plan when submitted was found to be one of the best in the country.

Hey dumb @$$, I’d feel pretty good about how I spent all that money that I owed the feds in taxes, but I’d eventually be put in jail or fined out of the wazoo.  I knew that he would say something like, “The Feds need to take the politics out of this report and start understanding that they play an important role for Iowans.”

Anyway, the news that Iowa will eventually need to find a half million bucks at some point.  This news comes at the worse possible time for Culver.  The Governor is now in the midst of his re-election campaign and this does nothing but haunt him another story of incompetence and mismanagement.

Culver misspent money on parties, radio ads, and other things that he wasn’t supposed to spend money on.  Basicically Culver is guilty of managing the Secretary of State’s office like he has managed the entire state for the last four years.

What I find the most humorous in the Register’s little story about it are Mike Mauro’s comments about the fiasco.  Mauro, the current Democrat Secretary of State said, “I think the audit speaks for itself and I’m ready for it to come to completion.”

Now there is an endorsement for you!  You have to love it when the guy who took over for Culver is out there yelling, “Don’t blame me!”

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