December 6th, 2010

The Register Gets An Incomplete for Its Who’s Who Caucus List

I applaud Mr. Beaumont’s attempt of making a who’s who list of Republican activists, operatives, and opinion makers.  I’m not poopooing the list because my anonymous name is absent, I’m critical of it because he once again failed to do his homework.  You see, Beaumont overlooked some of the most obvious names if you ask me.

If I was going to make a list like that, I would begin by asking myself a simple question.  Who’s managed caucus campaigns in previous cycles?  He also has a hankering for everything Branstad, which I understand.  But come on, most of these people will be in the new administration, not on the campaign trail.

Here are a few people off of the top of my head that he overlooked.

Bill Salier: Look, I’m not always “On Duty With Bill Salier,” but the man should have made the list for one simple reason, he managed Tom Tancredo’s 2008 Iowa caucus campaign.  Salier is a darling to the vast right wing conspiracy in Iowa.  He is the chairman of Everyday America, an obscure Iowa based group that focuses on constitutional issues and judicial activism and is also a regular on Steve Deace’s radio program.

Chad Olsen: Like Salier, Olsen managed a 2008 Iowa caucus campaign the last go-around.  Olsen, who managed Tommy Thompson’s campaign, is an under the radar name, but has been drawn to various caucus campaigns for years.  He worked for Phil Gramm in 1996 and Steve Forbes in 2000.  Olsen is the current Executive Director of the Republican Party of Iowa, and recently managed the RNC’s victory operation in the state, which means he knows who the good young staffer are.

Drew Ivers: Depending on the day, Ron Paul is either a genius or he’s smoking pot.    Still, nobody will discount Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign like they tried to do in 2008.  Ivers was Paul’s campaign manager for the caucuses in 2008.  To be honest had Ivers not had to work on the fly with an unorganized lot of fanatics, I believe Paul could have contended for 3rd place in the caucuses.  Ivers, who leads the Campaign for Liberty group in Iowa, is also on the Republican State Central Committee.

Andrew Dorr: He didn’t join a campaign until late July, but Andrew Dorr landed a key position with Fred Thompson’s national campaign.  While his days of working on campaign is probably over, he’s got a real job and I hear he’s getting hitched, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be asset to a presidential campaign.  Before Thompson he ran Jim Nussle’s ground game.  That didn’t go so well, but time heals all wounds.

Gentry Collins: I know he is running for RNC chair, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t make the list.  People like Albrecht, Roederer, and Boeyink are all already off the market because they have taken positions with the Branstad administration, yet they made the cut.  Collins ran Mitt Romney’s caucus campaign in 2008, and has held a number of high profile positions at the national and state level.  I can’t believe he’s not on the list.

Matt Gronewald: While he has not managed a caucus campaign, he does deserve a mention because he’s worked on a caucus campaign before (John McCain 2008), and he is also the guy who led the Iowa House campaign effort for the past two cycles.  Like Olsen, he has a handle on who some of the good young staffers are, and even more importantly he has existing relationships with a lot of new legislators.

I could go on and on, but don’t have enough time.  You know people like Jill Latham, Tim Moran, Chad Airhart, Derek Flowers, Grant Young, and Wes Petersen have all worked on previous caucus campaigns before.  Not to mention some new names like Caree Severson, who’s a prolific Facebooker and activist, Charlie Gruschow, a Tea Party Activists, and Lynn Reed- Rodgers, a 9-12er.

As for the list itself, it’s hard to argue with the people who are on there.  I don’t have a problem with Trudy Caviness being on the list, as she’s one of the most active Republican County chairs in the state.  I just take issue with Beaumont giving her credit for Branstad winning Wapello County.

Hey Tom, Mariannette Miller-Meeks is from there and won it herself in 2008.  Terry Branstad and Sen. Chickenman owe an awful lot to Miller-Meeks.  I know, I know, why would the Register pay attention to her now since they have basically ignored her for the last four years.

Shoot, more people keep coming to me.  John Stineman, Mike St. Clair, Loras Schulte, Craig Schoenfeld….

Use the comment section to add some more.  Trust me there are plenty, my list of missing persons in already almost half the size of Tom’s entire list.

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