May 29th, 2010

The Krusty Imposter Must Be An Idiot

I know it’s out of character for me to be posting on a weekend, but I feel the need to write about some developments that I was recently made aware of. This past week, a number of people were mailed a packet of information. The letter enclosed said that it was from “Krusty Konservative.”

Let me be clear, it is not from me. There is some idiot out there who felt the need to mail the members of the Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee under my name. To be honest, the packet is weak. I’m embarrassed that some of you think that it was actually from me. I would have hoped that you all would have learned by now that if I’m going to take a swing at someone, I’m going to connect with the chin. That’s just how I roll.

I know that most of you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about so let me fill you in as best I can.

On Wednesday, a person claiming to be me mailed a 21 page packet of information to members of the Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee. I’m also told that a few other well-known Republican troublemakers also were included on the mailing list.

The cover letter is signed, “Krusty Konservative.” For those who have received emails from me would know. I never sign things that way. I use my initials.

The letter basically tries to raise questions about current RPI Chairman Matt Strawn. The writer of the letter notes that Strawn never told members of the SCC that his company, Riverside Partners, received payment from RPI in 2008. The writer also claims that Strawn is funneling money to people who either work for him at Riverside or the Iowa Barnstormers. Finally, the letter discloses the court records of Strawn, who received two speeding tickets, and one of his fundraisers, who has had more serious personal legal problems.

The end of the letter reads, “If you don’t clean-up the mess, the media will do it for you soon. The above is just the tip of the filthy iceberg floating as the RPI. I will continue to update all of you about all other sham operations until we take back our Party.”

For those of you who think I’m behind this crap, let’s think through this.

First, why would I mail something when I could simply publish it on this website? More people would see it, and I would cause much more havoc and do so with no out of pocket cost.

Second, why would I mail something out to people that I actually wrote about over two years ago? You might not remember, but I’m good at getting the scoop on things. Mike Huckabee being the breakout candidate in 2007, yeah that was me. Matt Strawn running for RPI Chair, that was me. Terry Branstad running for governor, yep, me again. You get the point. If the person who sent this obviously doesn’t read my blog, or has just become a fan.

This is what I wrote on Monday, November 17, 2008.

“We have already discussed a few names like Marlys Popma, Ted Sporer, and Danny Carroll but don’t fool yourselves; there are other candidates out there. For example Bill Dix has been mentioned recently. But if we really want to complete the whole Huck vs. Romney = McCain thing, then maybe that candidate in the shadows is a guy like Matt Strawn. Strawn ran McCain’s Iowa campaign before the June 07 restructuring. Since that time he has been involved as an owner/manager of the Iowa Barnstormers arena football team.

Strawn, an Iowa native, spent a number of years in DC as Rep. Mike Rogers’ (R-Michigan) top advisor and Chiefs of Staff before moving back to Iowa to join the McCain campaign. Strawn is an interesting candidate because if you look at the Barnstormer’s front office it’s full of political people and it might give you a glimpse of what the party would look like under his control. First we all know that Jeff Lamberti is one of the other owners of the Barnstormers, and my blog buddy Grant Young (dude, I’m glad you found your car) is an Account Executive for the team. Becky Beach and Kari Putney, the fundraising team for Lamberti’s congressional campaign, are also associated with the Barnstormers and both have been involved in Party fundraising in the past.”

Lastly, there is a reason why an anonymous blogger like me doesn’t mail stuff to people. It’s too easy to make a mistake, which could lead to exposing your identity.

Whoever sent this out made some rookie mistakes.

First, they say that Strawn never told the SCC that his company was a vendor or paid by the Party. That means that the person who sent this was most likely in the room when Strawn applied for the job.

Second, on pages 6 and 7, it looks like the copy machine that was used to print these materials made an error. How else could you explain coping a letter to a 78 year-old Democrat that was sent by the Social Security office? Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t need to know that this woman receives $1931.80 in Social Security benefits every month. That’s before they take out $96.50 for insurance.

When you get sloppy, you get busted.

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