December 1st, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good.

Conservatives should praise Governor-Elect Terry Branstad.  While he has yet to take office the tone coming from his transition office has been spot on.  Branstad and his team are livid with Governor Chet Culver for fast-tracking a labor agreement with the state’s largest union AFSCME.  Culver’s deal with the unions is a slap in the face to Branstad and Iowans in general.

In these tough times everyone needs to share in the sacrifice, but Culver has routinely protected his union buddies.  Culver’s sweat-heart deal with the unions means that hardworking Iowans will either see more of their taxes going to pay for state employee benefits, or the services the state provides will be reduced.

For those of you who still believe there isn’t an ounce of difference between Culver and Branstad, the labor unions sure think there is.  For the past four years, Republicans in the legislature have done nothing except beat back the legislative priorities of the labor unions.  Those days are over now that Branstad is back.  Now the only labor issue we could see is a paycheck protection bill, which would force labor unions to collect their own dues instead of the state automatically deducting it from workers paychecks.

Even better than Branstad’s stance against the union is how he is handling the lack of state funds for the transition.  Pervious administrations have budgeted money in election years to help cover the cost of the transition from one administration to another.  I believe Vilsack provided Culver $100,000 in 2006, but Culver stiffed Branstad when he only made available the $10,000 that the Iowa Constitution provides.

To Branstad’s credit he is not asking the state for more money.  He told the Register, “We are not going to ask the taxpayers for any money.  We have enough economic problems with the state that I want to lead by example.”

Instead, Branstad is raising the money that he need through his campaign to pay for the transition.  I’m sure that some liberal bloggers will complain that large campaign dollars could influence some of his decisions.  Frankly, I don’t think that would be the case, and if you don’t like it, file your complaint with Governor Culver, he’s the one who forced Branstad into this awkward position.

The Bad

Senator Chuck Grassley’s appetite for big government sure hasn’t waned.  Grassley’s vote for the Food-Safety bill yesterday is just another vote for bigger government and less personal liberty.

After reading all of the propaganda about why its necessary to give the FDA such sweeping powers, one would think that thousands of people are getting sick and dying from eating in America.

The New York Times writes, “Last summer, when thousands of people were infected with salmonella from filthy, vermin-infested henhouses in Iowa, Americans were outraged to learn that the F.D.A. had never conducted a food safety inspection at these huge operations that produce billions of eggs a year. The new rules might have kept those people – mainly small children and the elderly – from getting sick.”

Really? Too bad the new bill does not apply to meat and poultry industry since the USDA regulates them.

All this new bill does is create a turf war between the USDA and the FDA.  I’m glad that the bill currently doesn’t impose taxes and fees on small producers, but what happens when hundreds of people were infected with salmonella from filthy, vermin-infested henhouses that just sells its products at a local farmers market?

Rest assured that people like Tom Harkin will be the first inline to give the FDA the authority to monitor and tax these small produces all in the name of food safety.

This is a bad bill.  It’s obvious that Grassley wasn’t paying attention to the mood of his constituents during the last year and a half.

The Ugly

As you may recall, back in July I referred to Conlin as a “Big D.”  Conlin and IDP Chairwoman blasted me for my “sexist attacks.”

I wondering if Roxanne Colin is going to outraged over WHO TV 13’s Dave Price for calling Debi Durham “Double D?”

Please note that I’m not saying that Roxanne is ugly, I just find her playing the victim card during her campaign is ugly unless she rushes to Debi’s defense against Dave’s “sexist attack.”

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