November 29th, 2010

The Des Moines Register – A Bunch of Idiots

The Register is so amazed that the Grinnell community has embraced a gay, black man as Grinnell College’s new president, that it decided to make it a front-page story in the Sunday paper.  ***Newsflash***  A large portion of the college’s student body is gay, and very proud of it.  Additionally, a large percentage of the college’s faculty is also gay.  Frankly, I’d be more surprised had Grinnell College selected a straight, while male to be its leader than someone who is gay.

I also find it somewhat insulting for the state’s largest newspaper to insinuate that Iowans wouldn’t be tolerant of someone who is either black or gay.  The Register just doesn’t seem to understand that someone who believes in traditional values could be tolerant of someone who’s gay.  Just because I think a homosexual lifestyle is sinful, unhealthy, and undeserving of government approval doesn’t mean that I’m going to be a dickhead to every gay person I run into.

I’m also sick and tired of the Register’s obsession of everything gay or black.  Like most liberals, the Register thinks that diversity is limited to ones color or sexual preference.  What about the diversity of thought?  What about judging people by the “content of their character” like Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in August of 1963?

I’m sure Raynard Kington is quite accomplished and well prepared to be Grinnell College’s president.  To me it doesn’t matter what color he is, or that he prefers unnatural sex, yet that is what the Register chose to write about.  Oh, the Register also missed that some students are questioning Kington’s qualifications

Jeffrey Bruner

Bruner, who works for the Register, is probably the worst blogger I’ve ever seen.  He posted two things on the Register’s politics blog yesterday.  One was titled, “Will Dick Lugar get a primary challenge?”  I have no clue why this is somehow important to me since Lugar is from Indiana.  Maybe he thinks he works for Politico…

Then he blogged about former US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens having a change of heart about the death penalty.  Here is my problem with Bruner.  1.  He offered no perspective on what he blogged about.  Blogging is rather simple, have a take and don’t suck.   2. It’s obvious that he linked to two New York Times articles about politics.  Seriously, I could train a 4th grader to that.  Newspapers like the Register should force its reporters to blog because they suck at it, which makes them all look like a bunch of idiots. Plus if I want to read the New York Times, I’ll just go it’s website.

The Des Moines Register Editorial Board

This week they have their panties in a wad over the fact that presidents and governors pardon turkeys only to turn around and eat turkey.  Look, I get where they are coming from.  If I was ever in that position I would deny the turkey’s attempt from clemency and do the execution myself.  I’m sure that would get me a thistle too I suppose.

Is there really nothing else in the world going on that they could comment on?

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