March 15th, 2010

The 2010 Latham NCAA Tourney Challenge

LathamBBMarch is here and that means that this long winter will soon be over! It also means that the men’s basketball tourney time is just days away from tip off and with it the 2nd Annual Latham Tourney Challenge . Do you have what it takes to beat my picks this year?

If you want to enter and take the challenge and submit your bracket picks – simply respond to this email with your name and email address and you will be sent an invitation in a few days to join the 2010 Latham Tourney Challenge group to fill out your basketball tournament bracket.

The competition is tough – the winner of 2009’s Challenge – Susan Engen from Algona, Iowa – rocked the competition with an accuracey of 99.9% correct picks on her bracket entry!

The winner of the overall challenge group will not only own bragging rights for a year – they will also win a Flip Camcorder – the popular one-touch recording fit-in-your-pocket camcorder that lets you shoot video on the go. No tapes, memory cards or chargers – this camcorder lets you shoot and then easily share your video via email, on the web, on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and AOL.

To begin making your picks click here.

You’ll be asked to enter the group’s password (Our Group password is: Our liberties we prize) before you can join.

You can make your picks any time before tournament begins.

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