February 24th, 2010

Text-Mitt-What the Heck?

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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kerrycopTexting Ban Passes the House

I noticed that State Representative Kerry Burt voted for the texting ban. Makes sense when you think about it, how can you drink and drive if you are texting? Maybe he didn’t get the auto calls about how the texting ban is just gives cops another reason to racial profile.

McCain 2008Bring Back that Loving Feeling?

Mitt Romney has had a couple of bad days.

First, he gets is a$$ kicked by Ron Paul at the CPAC straw poll.
Second, Sen. Scott Brown breaks with the Republican Party on Harry Reid’s job bill. Brown introduced Romney at CPAC and I told by someone who saw the speech that they needed to get a room.
Third, Romney backed John McCain. Yeah, the Tea Party folks are going to respond well to that.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Rush Limbaugh skewered him on the radio yesterday.

“I like Mitt Romney, but I think he’s risking his career over a guy, endorsing McCain, who is so out of step with what’s going on right now. McCain’s always conservative when he’s running for reelection in Arizona. The tea parties have produced a wave of conservatism that have swept Republicans-in-name-only aside. I understand Palin endorsing McCain. She’s got no choice. Loyalty, plus if she doesn’t the media will cream her, “Oh, he’s good enough to be president but you won’t endorse him to be Senator?” And it’s understandable Romney would endorse Brown, but I don’t understand Romney endorsing McCain. I just don’t think it’s going to fly. These endorsements are unnecessary. What is there to gain by this? Look, it’s unfortunate, but people are weeding themselves out of the process all the while engaging in this kind of behavior. So in one sense it has a cleansing aspect to it.”

That’s never a good sign…

EmYou know the economy in Iowa sucks when…

The Des Moines Business Record has to spotlight a government official because nobody in the private sector is doing well.

Not only does the Business record highlight a government worker, but they sing the praises of Emily Hajek, the head of the Rebuild Iowa Office. The article omits the fact that Hajek is in over her head. She got her start as Culver’s fundraiser. In her first government job, she made $66k, when Culver promoted her, she almost doubled her salary. Good work if you can get it.

The Business Record also forgot to mention the $19k they spent on carpet for the office. They also fail to mention the fact that she’s so stupid they don’t let her go to meetings with Legislators anymore. That’s why Ron Dardis was brought in.

The Rebuild Iowa Office is just a huge bureaucracy, and it funds itself by skimming off money that is supposed to be going to flood victims. Instead they are spending over 200k on salaries for their communications staff. In fact, the lowest paid job in this new bureaucracy is $46,700, and some in the Rebuild Iowa Office are making more than $100,000.00 a year.

I guess the Business Record couldn’t get a hold of Tom Wheeler from the Film Office? Oh, that’s right, he and a bunch of others were fired.

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