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August 18th, 2010

Ten More Reasons Governor Culver Should Be Sorry

By Sen. Paul McKinley

In light of Governor Culver launching a new apology tour for his failed four years as governor, Senate Republican Leader Paul McKinley (R-Chariton) released ten more reasons Culver should apologize to the citizens of Iowa for.

“If Governor Culver wants to apologize to the citizens of Iowa for his failed four years as governor, I believe he ought to be completely forthcoming and sorry about his whole record of unacceptable unemployment, higher taxes, record spending and generational debt,” said McKinley. “The difference between Governor Culver’s failed four years and the positive agenda of more private sector jobs, responsible budgeting and property tax relief laid out by Republicans is like night and day.”

Ten more apologies for Governor Culver to issue:

#1 – Governor Culver signed the four largest budgets in state history while building up an anticipated $1 billion dollar deficit for next year.

#2 – Governor Culver put $1.7 billion dollars of generational debt on to the state’s credit card for his failed temporary work program known as I-JOBS and yet it has not created a single permanent private sector job.

#3 – Since the time Governor Culver took office in January of 2007, the unemployment rate has nearly doubled from 3.6% to 6.8% today.

#4 – Over two-thirds of Iowa’s counties lost population, it’s been reported that 222 factories closed their doors and 23,000 manufacturing jobs were lost in 2009.

#5 – Governor Culver raised property taxes by $532 million dollars according to the non-partisan Iowa Taxpayers Association over a 3 year period. Those increases make it more difficult for jobs to be created.

#6 – Governor Culver has continually mounted an all-out assault on Iowa’s job climate by trying to gut Iowa’s Right-to-Work status, eliminate federal deductibility, significantly harm Iowa’s highly touted worker’s compensation system and implement a price-fixing prevailing wage.

#7 – Even as more money is continually spent on education and per pupil funding has increased by 50 percent since 2001, student achievement scores continue to stagnate and in many cases decline.

#8 – Culver’s mismanagement of numerous state agencies, his campaign contribution scandals involving Iowa casino special interests and the investigations into his misspending of federal HAVA (Help America Vote Act) dollars as Secretary of State have caused the citizens of Iowans to lose trust in state government.

#9 – Culver’s placement of activists at every level of government on regulatory boards, commissions and agencies has lead to the killing of many jobs, made it more difficult for companies to expand and has made Iowa less appealing to those entrepreneurs and companies looking to locate here.

#10 – Culver has increased numerous taxes, fees and fines that have affected the pocketbooks of Iowa taxpayers and consumers and have become an added burden to Iowa job creators.

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