March 9th, 2010

Stupid Kids, More Stupid Parents

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily GeigerSEP Rams

There were some pretty horrific examples of parenthood in Iowa news last week.

Today, let’s look at the parents of that Southeast Polk High School basketball player who hired a lawyer to sue the school when their precious, perfect little boy was found by police at a beer party. Being at a beer party, whether a student is drinking or not, is a violation of the Southeast Polk code of conduct, which student athletes must agree to abide by. Due to this rule violation, the school wanted to suspend the rule breaker… gasp… right before the Iowa High School Boys Basketball State Tournament.

Rather than punish their boy wonder for an incredible lapse in judgment for an obvious violation of school rules, these parents went whining to the courts that their poor little boy was being picked on.

At first, the court agreed with these obnoxious parents and granted a temporary injunction mandating that Mr. I-was-there-but-I-wasn’t-drinking-yeah-right should get to play basketball. A few days later, the same judge changed his mind, saying that not playing basketball was not going to cause this kid “irreparable harm.” Thank goodness someone came to his senses.

Too bad it wasn’t the parents. I am so sick of parent who have the attitude that their kid can do no wrong. How many teachers have I heard say that parents will just flat out deny that their child did something that the teacher saw happen with their own eyes. All because junior claims he’s innocent and has his parents hoodwinked into thinking he’s an angel.

And if the parents aren’t in complete denial, then they just downplay what their kid did, or defend the kid in spite of obvious wrongdoing, which is what happened with Mr. SE Polk.

What happened to the days when the punishment a kid would face for being bad was much worse at home than anything the school could dish out? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating child abuse, but age appropriate spanking and/or real (not just threatened) deprivation of rights was, and still is, totally appropriate.

The people in this story who deserve to be disciplined most are these parents. Think of the lessons they are teaching this kid.

1) It’s okay to be at an underage beer party.
2) It’s okay to lie to police (‘cause nobody believes that you were so tired you fell asleep at a high school beer party.)
3) It’s okay to break school rules.
4) You don’t have to have any consequences for your actions (even the consequences you’ve agree to in writing.)
5) Mommy and Daddy will actually help you get away with being a stereotypical egocentric, jock-itch infested Neanderthal who thinks he’s above the law.

Seriously, why can’t we give the parents here a good spanking or take away their rights for their outright stupidity. If it were up to me, I’d start with a vasectomy appointment. They don’t need to be screwing up any more kids with an entitlement complex that the rest of us are going to have to (best case scenario) tolerate or (worst case scenario) pay to incarcerate in the future.

Come on, people! And we wonder why the evening news sports segment is often mistaken for the crime blotter.

P.S. Kudos to the Southeast Polk school administrators who stuck to their guns to hold this kid accountable for his conduct.

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