March 31st, 2010

Strawn, Scheffler, and Lehman Should Call on RNC Chairman Steele to Step Down

Steele's RNCI love how everyone is up in arms about the latest little scandal involving the RNC, but very few people are actually call on Steele to step down. This is ridiculous.

As I mentioned yesterday, it is likely that if Steele is still the RNC chairman come Election Day, our candidates will be forced to defend him, not their own positions. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to forecast what the Democrats might do with private jets, meetings in Hawaii, and donor meetings in sex clubs.

I have absolutely no faith that Strawn, Scheffler, and Lehman will have the intestinal fortitude to call for Steele’s removal. It would take two-thirds vote of the RNC to kick him to the curb. So here are a few Krusty Kliffs Notes I hope they would consider.

Matt Strawn: As a state chairman, you know better than most how difficult it is for a political party to raise money. Heck, you are already on your third fundraiser in just over a year, raising a buck isn’t easy. Anyway, now imagine how difficult it would be for the Republican Party of Iowa to raise money if the Des Moines Register reported that someone in your organization held a meeting at a strip club and had on good time on RPI’s dime? Yeah, it wouldn’t go over very well.

Not only is the RNC’s latest scandal an embarrassment, but it also could limit the amount of financial resources that national party could send to Iowa if this impacts the committee’s fundraising ability.

Kim Lehman and Steve Scheffler: Both of you respected leaders in the pro-family community. What message does it send to the people that your represent when the RNC holds an event at a lesbian bondage-themed nightclub? I thought we were the party of family values? And what kind of message does this send to other women?

Before any of you say that the staffer who was involved in this has been fired, the question you need to ask is who allowed this type of activity to take place in the first place? Seriously, under Michael Steele’s leadership, the RNC is averaging one scandal a month.

How on earth can the RNC be focused on winning elections when they are constantly having to deal with this stupid $hit? Private Plans, posh meeting locations, strip clubs, office remodels, stupid comments, $900k to Dede Scozzafava, and the list goes on and on.

If someone could please tell me what positive thing Steele brings to the party, I want to hear about it in the comment section. This guy is a train wreck and needs to be eradicated from the GOP. Doing so will be difficult, but the three members of the RNC from Iowa should lead the way. Its like to boot Steele.

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