January 3rd, 2010

Steve Rathje Will Run For Congress in 2010

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Written by: TEApublican

n1101476647_7143 (1)In a press release that follows: “Steve Rathje, Cedar Rapids Businessman, Announces He Will Run for Congress in Iowa’s Second Congressional District in 2010″Cedar Rapids, IA, December 31, 2009 – Cedar Rapids entrepreneur and business owner, Steve Rathje (R), has filed Statement of Candidacy documents with the Federal Election Commission pursuant to his decision to run for the United States House of Representatives in Iowa’s Second Congressional District in 2010.

Since forming International Procurement Services, Inc., and the Genesis Group in 1992, Rathje has consistently reduced his customers’ costs by 30% to as much as 500%, and more importantly, “actually created and/or saved” Iowa jobs, all while successfully competing with offshore competition. Steve has successfully negotiated the return of good paying manufacturing jobs from countries like China, Taiwan, Mexico, Europe and Canada bringing them back to the United States where they belong. Steve Rathje is no amateur when it comes to cutting waste and creating jobs. Imagine his vision and leadership in solving the problems America faces today!

Therefore, Rathje, a common sense conservative, is committed to putting not only Iowan’s, but all Americans back to work with a plan that creates more than 6 million jobs, averaging $50K per year. A plan that stimulates the economy with nearly $800 Billion, one that empowers new business with much needed startup capital, empowers College Grads to pay down or pay off daunting college debt within a three year period, offers a constitutionally based healthcare/health insurance alternative that saves the people money, promotes competition and embraces personal responsibility. Steve understands that “jobs create an economy, an economy creates stability, stability creates economic might and economic might creates national security.”

A January announcement tour is currently being scheduled with details to be provided soon.

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