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May 20th, 2010

State Finance Reports Reveal Iowa GOP Strength, Dem Weakness

DES MOINES – The Republican Party of Iowa today said the latest State of Iowa campaign finance reports indicate the Party and its candidates are competing head-to-head, and even out-pacing in many instances, majority Democrats and incumbents.

While the Iowa GOP has more cash-on-hand than its Iowa Democratic Party counterpart, the Party’s Executive Director Jim Anderson said the recent state campaign filings are encouraging for Republicans at all levels and in races as varied as Governor to Attorney General to control of the Iowa legislature.

Anderson first pointed to the Iowa GOP’s cash-on-hand advantage over the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) in the May 19 state reports. The reports show the Iowa GOP filing with $214,997 cash-on-hand, while the IDP only has $170,555 on-hand. Further widening the gap is that state reports indicate the IDP incurred new debt last month by receiving a $100,000 bank loan that remains outstanding.

“Even accounting for many competitive Republican primaries that are competing for resources, there is no question that the resources, energy, and enthusiasm in this state are flowing to Republicans,” said Anderson, noting that nearly half of Governor Chet Culver’s financial support in 2010 came from a single source – a $750,000 check from the Washington, DC-based Democratic Governors Association.

“In the battle for control of the Iowa House, the momentum and resources are with Leader Kraig Paulsen and House Republicans, who dramatically outraised majority Democrats,” said Anderson.

In 2010 Iowa GOP State House candidates raised over $595,000 compared to only $415,000 for majority House Democrats. The cash-on-hand totals are even more striking as Iowa House Republicans have over $925,000 to spend while the Iowa House Democrats have just $591,000.

The filings in the race for Attorney General provided another boost to Iowa GOP efforts to defeat longtime incumbent Democrat Tom Miller. Republican Brenna Findley blew away Miller’s fundraising in 2010, by dramatically out-raising the incumbent by posting receipts of $124,000 to Miller’s $15,000. The two candidates will enter the summer months on equal financial footing as Findley shows $95,000 cash-on-hand to Miller’s $105,000.

“With Governor Culver relying almost exclusively on outside of Iowa interests to fund his sagging re-election efforts and overwhelming support flowing to legislative Republicans, the building blocks are in place for bringing Iowa the change it deserves this November,” concluded Anderson.

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