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June 26th, 2010

State Convention Live Blog – Grassley, Latham, Strawn, McKinley, Paulen, Vaudt Speak

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Written by: Craig Robinson

10:22 – Sen. Grassley addressing the Delegates. Talking about the importance of being true to the intentions of our founding fathers.

Value added agriculture, entrepreneurship and jobs are important. No cap and tax. Government just needs to get out of the way.

We’re willing to fight for our freedoms. End speech. Standing ovation.

10:36 – Congressman Latham takes the stage.

This election is critical. He works with people everyday who are out of touch with American and are scaring Americans.

Congress not listening on taxes, immigration, death tax, healthcare reform, etc. This is the worst time to raise taxes. Democrats aren’t listening to the people now, but they’ll have to listen in November.

Speech concludes. Standing ovation.

10:43 – Rules Committee Report – move for adoption of rules printed in tabloid program. Motion passes.

Credentials Committee not ready to report.

10:45 – Chairman Strawn takes the stage.

“We’re going to send Governor Chet Culver packing. He is no match for the Branstad/Reynolds team.”

Republicans are going to sweep state offices.

We had record voter turnout in the GOP primary, even in Polk and Johnson Counties. We have accomplished all of our goals. We have offices staffed and an new turnout/absentee program in place.

This is an incredible state, with incredible people. End speech. Crowd pumped up.

10:53 – Credentials Committee still not ready.

Explanation of Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the Republican Party of Iowa. This is to accommodate in case Iowa loses one Congressional seat after the next census and redistricting. This will address the number of members on the central committee in case that happens. Kim Lehman moves to approve the amendment.

Steve Roberts provides further explanation from the floor. Amendment would keep the number of members of the central committee approximately the same whether the number of congressman goes up or down.

Point of order – we can’t have a vote without a report of the credentials committee.

John King from Linn County – provides counter argument for amendment. Some people might object to the census being the basis of representation of the Republican Party of Iowa.

Chair points out that the by-laws of the party mandate that SCC representation coincide with congressional districts.

Motion to suspend the rules to vote on this amendment.

Point of order – If we don’t know how many delegates there are, we don’t know if we have the 2/3 majority needed to suspend the rules.

11:10 – Paul McKinley arrives to speak so as to allow time for credentials committee to complete its work.

Happy to see smiling GOP faces.

Iowans are unhappy with the state of present affairs and are eager to make a change. Unemployment and fiscal mismanagement. In Iowa, a spending orgy that will result in a billion dollar deficit next year.

Iowa Dems borrowed $890 million for I-Jobs. It is supposed to create 30,000 jobs. That hasn’t happened, and we’ve lost 30,000 jobs instead.

Dems have refused to allow the people to vote on marriage, and we have a fiscal and moral deficit in this state.

GOP has been labeled the party of no, but nothing can be farther from the truth. Dems won’t allow debate. And there’s nothing wrong with saying no to bad proposals.

It’s time to say yes to Republicans and restore this state to its citizens. Speech concludes.

11:18 – Video message from Renee Schulte – she won her district by 13 votes. And her one vote in the legislature has been crucial in stopping the liberal legislative agenda.

Every little bit is important. She’s not here today because she is door knocking. She’s asking each delegate to donate one hour of time.

11:20 – Kraig Paulsen takes the stage.

It’s time for a GOP Speaker of the House again. 51 House Republicans could get the budget under control, stop the government from picking winners and loser, and let the people vote on the definition of marriage.

There are 89 House candidates that need our help across the state.

11:22 – video message from Chad Olson, head of the Victory program in Iowa. Touts the Phone from Home program that allows anyone with a computer and a phone to volunteer for the party from the convenience from their own home.

11:24 – Dave Vaudt takes the stage.

It’s been an honor and privilege to be the taxpayers’ watchdog. Despite what Democrats say, telling the truth is not a scare tactic.

“In God we trust. Everyone else, we audit. The Democrats would love to see me go away.”

My opponent is a federal lobbyist with no accounting or auditing experience.

Thanks to the Democrats for nominating someone with no qualifications.

“Vote for Vaudt, the only CPA running for State Auditor.”

11:27 – Report of Credentials Committee

1311 delegates

31 alternates

Motion to accept report passes.

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