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September 2nd, 2010

Sorenson and Rogers Win $5000 for Latham’s PAC


Ames, IA – Congressman Tom Latham, Honorary Chairman of For America’s Republican Majority, announced on Thursday the winners Thursday of the For America’s Republican Majority’s Iowa FARM Team project’s unique online contest – Iowa Republican Idol.

The online contest, held at the organization’s website, asked Iowans to cast their votes for their favorite Iowa Republican House and Senate State Legislative Candidates. The winners of each the House and Senate Iowa Republican Idol contests will be receive a $5,000 contribution from For America’s Republican Majority for their campaigns.

Thousands voted over the past two months and Iowans have chosen Kent Sorenson (Iowa Senate District 37) as the winner of the Senate Republican Idol contest with 37% of the votes cast and Walt Rogers (Iowa House District 20) as the winner of the House Republican Idol contest with 16.3% of the votes cast.

“Congratulations goes out to Kent and Walt and their dedicated supporters for standing up for their candidates in a year where Iowans and Americans are calling for strong, common sense, conservative leadership to address the problems we face,” said Congressman Latham. “The team at For America’s Republican Majority is working to plant the seeds of change both in Iowa and across this great nation to strengthen and rebuild our party by supporting candidates dedicated to the common sense Republican ideals of limited government, personal responsibility and economic opportunity for all. November’s election will be an important time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and begin the hard work it will take to protect the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.”

The online poll also included a straw poll for the Republican nominee for President in 2012 which was won by Governor Mike Huckabee with 25.5% of the vote of participants.

Since 2005 For America’s Republican Majority has been dedicated to electing principled leaders to office. Once these leaders are successfully elected they will become fierce advocates for the ideals of the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan that have made our nation great thereby rebuilding our great nation and returning America back onto the path towards promise, prosperity and individual freedom.

Additional information about For America’s Republican Majority – or to find out how you can support the effort can be found on the organization’s website at:

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