July 13th, 2010

So Spank Me…

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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It looks like I got under the skin of Sue Dvorsky, the new Chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Party.  IDP sent out the following press release late yesterday afternoon:

Chairwoman Dvorsky Statement on Sexist Allegations by The Iowa Republican

Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky released the following statement this afternoon in response to a recent article by The Iowa Republican, which baselessly accused Senate candidate Roxanne Conlin of undergoing plastic surgery:

“I am sickened and angered by these sexist attacks on Roxanne Conlin. While families across our state face real challenges and have to deal with real issues, Republicans have once again chosen to attack and avoid real debate.

“Women across Iowa should not have to live in fear of having their body judged by anyone, especially in a public forum like this. While Roxanne is proposing real ideas to move Iowa and our nation forward, the other side has continued to erode public debate to its lowest level. False, sexist attacks like this are an insult to women and men across Iowa.

“As a woman and mother of two daughters I call on The Iowa Republican to remove the post, issue an apology, and take disciplinary action against the author.”

I have to say that I was surprised to see the Iowa Democratic Party respond to something an anonymous blogger wrote.  Heck, now that I know they are reading I have a lot more subjects to get their feedback on.

Before I get into my actually response, I did like the part where she says, “While families across our state face real challenges and have to deal with real issues, Republicans have once again chosen to attack and avoid real debate.”

I guess that Sue and the crew over at IDP view me as the defacto leader of the Republican Party of Iowa, just like Democrats nationally think that Rush Limbaugh is the real leader of the party.  If they are comparing me to Rush, I’m not going to squawk too much about that.  It looks like this klown has come along ways.

I have a few different takes on this entire soap opera to hear me out.

The worse thing to be in America is a dumb, fat, white guy.

Anyone else think it was strange to see Dvorsky rush to defend Roxanne but failed to say a thing about my comments about Governor Culver’s sweating problem, which is caused by is size?

People like Dvorsky are the ones behind Iowa’s anti-bullying legislation, but as was the case back then, they don’t really care about bullying they just want to protect certain groups of people, especially homosexuals and women.  Sorry Chet, you’re out of luck.

If possession is 9/10 of the law, then perception is 9/10 of the law of politics.

Like it or not perception and appearance matters in the political arena.  Candidates often get a little help with their appearance.   Now, I’ll grant to you that this practice occurs more often for candidates running in places than Iowa, but don’t fool yourself, it goes on all the time.  Seriously, have you ever seen Hillary Clinton without makeup?

Ms. Dvorsky, your sense of indignation is pretty hilarious to be honest. I’ll judge and mock any candidate’s appearance any day I want.  Just like you judge and mock heterosexual couples, stay at home mothers, home school parents, and basically everyone else who doesn’t agree with your liberal agenda. You and your fellow Democrats shred anyone who stands in your way as you try to remake our country into socialist Europe.

I make one off-hand comment about Conlin and you cry foul. Where is your indignation over the way Sarah Palin is treated?  Do you run to her defense? Do you defend the women John Edwards bagged as he campaigned across America? Yeah, thought not.

Just so you know, I’d post a picture of Chuck Grassley flexing his muscles on the beach in New Hartford if he showed up in a Speedo. He’s got the good sense never to do that and so that won’t be an issue.

Ms. Dvorsky, I understand that you don’t like the comments that I made in my article yesterday.  That’s fine you’re entitled to your opinion.  However, if you are going to demand something to be taken down, shouldn’t you have sent me an email or something?  Instead you fired off a press release trying to stir the pot to help your portray your millionaire candidate as some sort of victim.

To prove to you that I’m a reasonable person, I will remove the article from the website under one condition – that Iowa Democrats show a little consistency in their moral outrage.

Let me know when you or the Iowa Democratic Party will actually punish State Senator Jack Hatch for saying the word “nigger” on the floor of the Iowa House of Representatives last year.

Let me know when you or the Iowa Democratic Party will actually punish State Representative Kerry Burt for stealing from Iowa taxpayers and endangering the lives of motorist after a late night in Des Moines during the legislative session.

Let me know when the Iowa Democratic Party will return the stolen money from a Des Moines insurance company by a couple lesbian activists.

When you do something on those issues, then track me down and try to get a retraction.

While the liberal left hates my guts, the thing that they really can’t stand is that I’m consistent in what I write.  I went after Kerry Burt a Democrat last year for his drunk driving fiasco.  When Rep. Helland got busted for drunk driving, I wrote that he should have his leadership spot taken away.  I’ve also bashed Branstad, Grassley, and a host of others.  Yet Ms. Dvorsky only cares when I attack her party’s meal ticket, Roxanne Conlin.

If Roxanne Conlin wants to draw public attention to the fact she burned her bras at Woodstock in the 60’s, so be it. If she wants to be our U.S. Senator, she maybe should try to look like one. If she doesn’t, then maybe she can be a hostess at that restaurant across for Chet’s favorite cigar shop in West Des Moines.

And Ms. Dvorksy (what is that, Polish, anyway?) I am anonymous and this is something called “satire.” You ought to loosen up a bit.

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