February 25th, 2010

Should Steve King and Ron Paul be the Republican Voices at Today’s Healthcare Summit?

Blair_houseHealthcare Throw Down at the Blair House Today

Today, President Obama will try to paint Republican members of Congress as obstructionists since Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have to votes in the House of Representatives to pass the Senate’s healthcare bill. This is more of a photo op than anything else, but I always get nervous when the leftist media in this country applies pressure on Republicans in hopes that they will commit political suicide and vote with the Democrats on something the American people have soundly rejected.

I’m not a fan of Ann Coulter, but she did forward a good idea in her most recent article. She advocates that Republicans shouldn’t send McConnell and Boehner and the rest of leadership. Instead she advocates sending Ron Paul, Jon Kyl, and Steve King to Blair House.

Coulter Writes

President Obama’s plan for the “bipartisan health care” meeting this Thursday is to make Republicans look ridiculous, so Republicans need to shock the world and send their most attractive politicians. Republicans are generally incapable of doing this. Democrats have no problem sacrificing individual egos for the long term goal. They think about winning, Republicans think about getting air time. Sen. Mitch McConnell is going to have to put his foot down. Republicans should send in Sen. Jon Kyl, Rep. Ron Paul (a doctor) and Steve King. They are all telegenic, understand the free market solutions to health care and we know they won’t give the store away. No other Republicans should be allowed talk.

Now that would be must see TV.

Krusty Fact of the Day: Sen. Kyl used to live in Bloomfield. His father is a former Iowa Congressman.

chetAnother One Bites the Bust!

How many more top campaign aides will Culver lose before Election Day?

Who knows, but it will probably be two or three if he keeps us the current paces of losing one every three months. Yesterday, Jesse Harris, Culver’s Deputy Campaign Manager bolted for a tremendous professional opportunity. I mean who could pass up running Mike Mauro’s reelection campaign for Secretary of State.

This news tells us a couple of things. 1. Democrat operatives see Culver as a sinking ship and they are not about to be the staff that couldn’t get an incumbent governor reelected in Iowa for the first time since the 1960’s. 2. It could also mean that Mauro is very nervous. He might not be worried about his Republican opponents, but I’ll bet you he is worries about the Republican wave that is coming. If Culver gets crushed, guys like Mauro will get caught in the wake.

Speaking of the SOS race, I think I’ll just endorse Matt Schultz today. Since 2006, Eichhorn has lost elections to be the Republican nominee to fill Stu Iverson’s seat, lost his State House reelection to McKinley Bailey, lost a bid to be on the Republican State Central Committee, and lost the US Senate primary to Chris Reed. Folks, I know a trend when I see one. I couldn’t pick Schultz out in a crowd, but we need new faces, not perennial losers.

How to Piss of a Democrat

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s hilarious that the NRCC sent out an email from Nancy Pelosi.

From: Nancy Pelosi
Sent: Wed. Feb. 17 15:38
Subject: Don’t have a job? Don’t worry.

Dear Naive Republican,

Many of you have been asking, “Where are the jobs?” But what you fail to realize is no one needs a job when the federal government takes care of you.

A few years ago, when Republicans were in control of Congress, we all needed a job, because the government was not trying to control all aspects of your personal and professional life.

But don’t worry! Democrats are in control now, and we are making everything better. Want to know how? We are creating a dependence on the government and we are succeeding — just look at how great things are one year after Democrats passed the ultra-successful stimulus bill.
Now nearly 1 in 10 people don’t have a job, but we’re not concerned, why else would we have ignored them for over a year after we passed our successful stimulus bill.

Our stimulus plan has been so successful that we are using taxpayer money to fly Democrats all around the country today to make sure people know just how successful we have been. We have even been able to schedule these meetings during the day since so many people have free time on their hands.

Democrats continue to save this country through tax hikes and government bailouts. It worked during the Carter Administration, and it is working better than ever now.

Please forward this message to all of your unemployed friends and let them know how the Democratic Party is working for Americans.


“Nancy Pelosi”

P.S.: This would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. The truth is Democrats have failed America and are now in full damage control mode, attempting to spin the real problems that Americans face. Problems they have ignored or failed to solve. The time has come to retire the real Nancy Pelosi and take back America.

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