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December 15th, 2010

Schultz: The People Have Spoken

Secretary of State-Elect, Matt Schultz, issued the following statement regarding a recent lawsuit filed Monday that attempts to reinstate the three Supreme Court judges that were not retained in November.

“This clearly is an attempt to overturn the voice of the people. This has the potential for turning the entire system on its face. Under this logic every judge in the State of Iowa who was retained in November would be up for retention again. I think the second time around more than three judges would lose their jobs.”

“I have spoken to Secretary of State Michael Mauro and I can assure you that on this issue we are united. I will continue to fight this lawsuit when I take office January 3rd.  I hope the Bar Association and reasonable attorneys across this state will support the Secretary of State’s office and the results of the election.  The entire judicial process as we know it could be in jeopardy.”

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