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June 3rd, 2010

Schultz Names Paul Pate State Chairman

Former Secretary of State to Chair Schultz Campaign

Council Bluffs, Iowa – June 2, 2010 – Councilman Matt Schultz announced today that Paul Pate, former Secretary of State, has endorsed his campaign and accepted the position of State Chair.

Paul Pate, a successful small businessman from Cedar Rapids who is a former State Senator, Iowa Secretary of State, Mayor of Cedar Rapids and President of the Iowa League of Cities, pointed to elected experience in city government, knowledge of the issues and a youthful fire in the belly as reasons for his support of Matt Schultz.

“As the former chief commissioner of elections, I know too well the importance of having a watchdog over our election process to guarantee that they are both clean and fair. Matt Schultz has demonstrated to me that he is indeed the man to do just that,” said Pate.

“I am deeply honored to have the support of Paul Pate. His service as Secretary of State brings the experience to our campaign to not only win in June, but to defeat Michael Mauro and the Democratic machine in November. Paul Pate set the standard for the way elections should be overseen in Iowa, a sharp contrast to the Culver and Mauro administrations. When I’m elected Secretary of State I want to build on Paul Pate’s accomplishments and work to stop voter fraud,” said Schultz.

Paul Pate will be chairing the Schultz campaign which already includes a strong legislative team of elected officials across the state.

Schultz has put together a full court press in the last week of the campaign. Schultz has already launched an exciting Web AD that attacks Chicago style politics and stands up for fair and honest elections. Starting today Schultz is launching TV and radio spots across the State to get out his message of accountability in elections.

“I am very excited about all that our campaign has been able to do over the last seven months. With Radio and TV we are hoping to reach as many voters as we can to get out our message. We are running TV spots in at least six media markets across the state and we are hitting radio at the same time,” said Schultz.

To complement his multi-media strategy, Schultz is finishing his 25 county blitz this week meeting with voters all across Iowa.

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