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October 1st, 2010

Schultz Launches

Councilman Matt Schultz held a joint press conference today with Republican Party Chairman Matt Strawn and State Treasurer candidate Dave Jamison to call out Michael Mauro and Mike Fitzgerald for using taxpayer money to fund self promoting radio and television ads during the last thirty days of the campaign.  In his remarks Councilman Schultz announced that his campaign launched a new website

“It is time that we hold our elected officials accountable for their positions and that we talk about the issues of this campaign. My opponent is used to getting a free pass, it is time to expose his positions on the issues and his Chicago style politics, that is why I have launched a new website, ” said Schultz.

Schultz further stated, “ tackles issues and exposes Mauro’s connection to the Des Moines Democratic Machine as well as the Secretary of State Project, which is supported by liberal George Soros.  There are many differences between me and my opponent.  Not only is my opponent against requiring everyone who votes at the polls to show a Photo ID, but he supports giving felons a fast track to restoring their voting rights, he supports printing voter registration forms in other languages, and he is spending more money with less revenues. Iowa deserves better than that.”

Republican candidate Matt Schultz’s campaign also announced another website that will launch later this month.

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