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September 18th, 2010

Sarah Palin Shines in Iowa Foreshadowing of 2012 Return

“This is our movement, this is our moment,” former Gov. Sarah Palin said as the featured speaker at the Republican Party’s Ronald Reagan Dinner in Iowa Friday night to a crowd of 50 news outlets and about 1500 people. “The time for unity is near. It is time to unite and make government work. It’s time for no more business as usual. It is time to take back our country.”

“We can’t blow it, GOP, but we won’t wait for that political playbook to be handed to us from on high from the political elites. We won’t do that. It may take some renegades to get us there. It may take folks shaking things up to get us there.”

After staying here in Iowa the previous night she set out to go jogging to enjoy breathing the Iowa air. Her husband Todd encouraged her to use the hotel treadmill instead.

“Todd says, ‘I guarantee you, if anyone spots you in the tennis shoes, the headline’s gonna be, Vanity Fair, they’re going to say, ‘Palin in Iowa, decides to run,’’” Palin said.

Will Palin run in 2012?  Personally I am calling it a yes.  Devoted Palin blogger Shane Vander Hart and most of the bloggers seated in “Bloggers Row” at the event agree.  Palin is emensly popular here in Iowa despite any mistakes she makes, whether authentic or blown out of proportion by the media.  Palin has national momentum, why not cash that in for the opportunity to be the first U.S. president.  Its a political no-brainer!

Palin called for Republican party while influened by the recent successes for the Tea Party in Delaware and Alaska she took a few swipes at her own party. Then she reprimanded the media…

“It’s been made absolutely clear that those who hold these, I think, common-sense and pretty mainstream positions, who are attacked, unfortunately, some destructive false shots don’t just come from the far left, and that’s what I’ll admit to learning in these last couple of years,” Palin said.

“But those in the liberal media: you’re worse for using, in that lamestream media, those unsubstantiated untrue hits, it’s not fair to our country, it’s not fair to the electorate, it’s not fair to our democracy, and it is not fair to our troops willing to sacrifice all for our freedoms, journalists, ok?”

“I’m confident and I am hopeful because this is our movement,” Palin said of Republicans’ ability to restore America. “This is our moment. This is our Normandy in America.”  While taking president Obama to task she also spoke of not transforming America, but rather restoring it.

“In just 46 days, Republicans will put their ideas and their experience on the line to let the voters decide. It is time to unite.”
“I’ve lost games, races, reputation,” Palin said in beseeching Republicans to keep up their determination. “You lose some, you win some.”

Look for Palin to take that optimism back to the heartland in her timing and on her terms.  Remember she did leave her governor job to write a book and be in the spotlight.  I think her “gamble” to leave the governorship is paying off much to the chagrin of liberals.  She will no doubt announce and eventually campaign uniquely, the likes of which Iowa has never seen before in the coming year.

Welcome back Sarah, we will see you soon I assume…

Photos by Dave Davidson
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