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March 9th, 2010

Sanger Joins Secretary of State Campaign

Sanger PhotoThis message is from Chris Sanger, Republican candidate for Iowa Secretary of State.

Chris runs a bakery in Stuart, Iowa with his fiance. Chris ran for State Representative in 2008 on the South Side of Des Moines and won the Republican Primary in a landslide. Chris did not win the General election against Democratic incumbent, Bruce Hunter.
Chris is familiar with the Iowa Secretary of State’s office from his corporate filings, his state trademarks, his study of the department, and his candidacy in 2008. For more information, please visit his website at


I would like to thank you for committing your time to this great nation that we all love.
Your political activism is what gives us all hope. Our teamwork is essential in the upcoming months as we go into battle with the fascist and socialist disease that threatens our America.

I ask you as sincerely as I can to take a good look at the candidates who are running for office. Do not let anyone tell you who to vote for and when you listen to the media, take it with a grain of salt.

In these upcoming elections, I charge you with the task of uncovering those who you know in your heart are genuine. For it will be those individuals, it will be those patriots, that will lead us and our families into the second decade of the two-thousands.

I decided to run for Secretary of State because I believe the Republican party needs a strong candidate who is familiar with the roles and responsibilities of the Iowa Secretary of State.

For those who are not aware, the Secretary of State office is Iowa’s government agency charged with overseeing voting, elections and campaigns, providing filing services to businesses, and producing and preserving State publications. It is essential to nominate a candidate who understands the Secretary of State’s roles and has experience in business management.

My experience through filing my company’s corporate documents, my twelve state trademarks, my record-keeping duties (as an Accountant) at Wells Fargo, my study of the department, and my prior run for State Representative in Iowa House District 62 is how I became familiar with the duties of the Iowa Secretary of State.

I have a lot to bring to the table as a candidate for the Republican nomination in the upcoming Primary election. I am a graphic and web designer, I built and maintain I am a business and trademark owner. I have a strong background in finance; I have been successful by running my business efficiently, effectively, and responsibly. To establish another legitimate point-of-reference for my strength as a candidate, please visit the following site: Iowa Corporations and type in “Go Green.” My company owns the right to use the slogan, Go Green; I began using it in 2006 and I registered it with the Iowa Secretary of State in 2007. My definition of “Go Green” is to: practice productive, profitable, humanitarian habits so that all may come to enjoy a clean and healthy earth, economy, and environment. In addition to the fundraising we are currently doing for the ‘Elect Chris Sanger, He Will Vote the Way People Want’ campaign, I have provided an in-kind contribution to the campaign for the usage of my company’s state trademark within the borders of Iowa. This is an effective way to gain the attention of on-the-fence voters and crossover Democrats in the General election by effectively demonstrating that the Republican Party of Iowa is the party responsibility. Nominate me as the Republican candidate for Secretary of State and the Republican party will win the General election in a historic and unprecedented landslide across the board.

I am asking for your vote to elect me as your Chief Elections Officer; I will ensure the integrity of our polling sites. I commit my life to the pursuit of true democracy. I will not fall to the pressure of those who seek to take away from our great nation. The voter’s will is my command. I will work to get issues on the ballot for people to vote on. Let the People vote!

I joined the race late, so I need your help in the upcoming months to spread the news. Tell a friend, family member, or co-worker who I am and what I am doing. I greatly appreciate your teamwork and know you are always welcome in our home and at the bakery in Stuart.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Chris Sanger and I am running for Secretary of State because I believe in Iowa.

Thank you.

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