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August 13th, 2010

Ruling Class Circles The Wagons To Protect Activist Court

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Written by: The Iowa Republican

Reports in the media began to surface recently of a group forming to campaign on behalf of the Iowa Supreme Court Justices facing a retention election this November.  The group of lawyers, lead by a former state Democrat Party Chairman and a former Republican National Committee member, indicated that their organization is intended to counter the efforts of Iowa For Freedom.

“The way in which a bipartisan group of political elites has organized to keep average Iowans from voicing their opinion is remarkable, but not overly surprising” Iowa For Freedom Chairman Bob Vander Plaats said. “The fact that these lawyers, who have held high office in both political parties, would so quickly come together to defend the unconstitutional actions of the Supreme Court, just serves to illustrate that the power brokers and ruling class within the two political parties have more in common with each other than with average Iowans.”

Upon learning of the effort to encourage people to exercise their right to vote, the legal community lashed out.  An August 7 Cedar Rapids Gazette article quoted Des Moines lawyer and former Supreme Court Justice Mark McCormick who said, “’I think these folks don’t understand the kinds of things that are taught in middle-school civics about the separation of powers and the supremacy clause under our constitutions.'”

“The supremacy clause asserts the power of the Constitution as the ultimate legal authority, and it in no way permits the Judicial Branch to assume power not specifically delegated to it by the Constitution,” according to Vander Plaats.  “Furthermore, the concept of separation of powers subjects each of the branches of government to correction by the others, and was never intended to permit the courts to determine the extent of their own power.”

“Iowa For Freedom will serve as a voice for the people of Iowa in a system that has been co-opted and protected by political elites for far too long,” Vander Plaats said. “The Iowa Constitution still says that ‘all political power is inherent in the people.’ Despite the best efforts of  the ruling class and  political elitists to circle the wagons around the Supreme Court, and distract from the discussion over the proper role of the court, we the people intend to be heard this November.”

Iowa For Freedom is a coalition of Iowa organizations working together to promote constitutional literacy, preserve self government, protect the legal definition of marriage, and prompt the people of Iowa to vote no on the retention of Iowa Supreme Court Justices.

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