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September 11th, 2010

Roxanne vs. Roxanne – On Key Issues She Could Have Debated Herself

U.S. Senate candidate Roxanne Conlin contradicted her own positions on key issues like Social Security, tax policy and the economy, favored amnesty for illegal immigrants now in the country, insulted members of the U.S. armed forces by claiming only a few dozen terrorists remain in Afghanistan and attempted to distance herself from the Obama administration.

Appearing with Sen. Chuck Grassley on the Iowa Public Television program “Iowa Press,” Conlin appeared more worried about scheduling the next debate than discussing the issues.

“Before Roxanne Conlin worries about more debates she needs to stop debating herself.  It’s clear that she either can’t remember her own positions on the issues or is desperately trying to change them because she sees how out of step she is with Iowans,” said Grassley campaign manager Bob Renaud. “Chuck Grassley represents mainstream Iowans. Roxanne Conlin represents the extremes of the Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid agenda of bigger government and higher taxes.”

Among her flip-flops on the issues, Conlin denied that she has advocated for the idea of lowering the retirement age, which would devastate a Social Security system that is already paying out more than it takes in.  However, during her May 3 meeting with the Des Moines Register editorial board, Conlin said, “I would like to see the exploration of early retirement programs and health care and social Security for those who want to retire.”

Conlin claimed that the Grassley campaign had misrepresented her position of allowing the 2001 tax cuts to expire yet Conlin’s own words have been perfectly clear.  “She has said the Bush tax cuts are wrong and she wants them to expire. She says she wants to raise taxes on high-income people but letting the tax cuts expire will raise taxes on all families. So, what does she really favor?” Renaud said. “Chuck Grassley has made the tax code more progressive. Through his work, Congress took 6 million of our lowest income Americans off the tax rolls, increased the child-care credit, created a deduction for college tuition, extended the deduction for interest on student loans and created a 10-percent rate for our lowest tax bracket instead of 15 percent. That was a 50 percent tax cut for people in that bracket.”

Asked if she intends to ask Obama to campaign for her, Conlin said she would not. That represents another dramatic reversal for a candidate who told the Waterloo Courier on Dec. 9, 2009, “I love Barack Obama.  I worked my fanny off to get him elected.  … He may be the smartest person who has ever been President.”

Conlin also said she would bring U.S. troops home from Afghanistan immediately because “there are only about 50 (terrorists) left there.”

“That’s an insult to the military personnel from American and other countries who are fighting to protect us every day from attacks,” Renaud said. “She’s demonstrated she hasn’t done here homework on our national security.”

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