June 1st, 2010

Roxanne Conlin – Too Stupid for the Des Moines Register

Mike Kiernan, the chairman of the Iowa Democratic Part, spend most of last fall bragging about the candidate that he personally had recruited to run against Senator Chuck Grassley. People like Fred Hubble, Tom Vilsack, Christie Vilsack, and Barry Griswell were all rumored to be Kiernan’s mystery candidate.

Then the disappointment set in where we learned that the candidate that Kiernan said would give Grassley, “the race of his life” was Roxanne Conlin.

Sure, Roxanne Conlin has a huge amount of personal wealth that she can blow on a campaign, but she is far from being the elite candidate that one of the Vilsack’s or Griswell would have been.

A lot of Republicans snickered at Kiernan’s recruit, but in his defense she is crazy enough to blow her kid’s inheritance on a U.S. Senate campaign. She is also the darling of special interests, another thing that had to catch Kiernan’s eye. The trial lawyers are dumping money into her campaign, and Conlin is also tight with the gay rights and baby killing groups that make up the base of the Democratic Party.

I’m sure Kiernan blew off all of the criticism he received about his dream candidate, but I would have loved to have seen his face when he read that the Des Moines Register endorsed Tom Fiegen instead of Conlin.

Not only did the Register endorse Fiegan, but they basically said that Conlin was too stupid to receive their endorsement.

“We were surprised and disappointed she [Conlin] was not knowledgeable about and so oversimplified the details of important policy.”

Yikes! Remember this is the paper who thought Becky Greenwald was a Rhodes Scholar and was a shoe-in to defeat Congressman Latham in 2008.

When the Register endorses in Republican primaries, it doesn’t mean a thing, but to Iowa Democrats, this endorsement is a big deal. Now, there is no way that Fiegan can find a way to win the primary, but I do think that this shows that Conlin isn’t as good of a candidate as they think she is.

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