March 28th, 2010

Roberts Sports New Right Shoulder Tat

iwo-jima-tatooIn a candid testimony the candidate known as Roberts shared details of his new tattoo.

“Many people may not know what a tattoo aficionado I am, but nearly all of my dozen tats are patriotic,” confided Roberts.

While the design for his new right shoulder tattoo has yet to be revealed it is known that the words “An Even Better Iowa” are included in the artwork.

“I think it shows a real commitment and reveals a personal dedication unmatched by most other candidates,” said Roberts.

It should also be made clear that it was uncertain what Robert’s first name was and what he was running for.  Any coincidence relating to a real person is purely intentional.

April Juan of Fool Tattoo Parlor in Ankeny said, “Roberts is her nicest client and never screams from the needle even from the most intricate and difficult painful procedures.”

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Dave Davidson is the TIR artjournalism storyteller photographer and founder of (polite) presidential paparazzi with manners. He is the author of gobs of books including "Sarah Palin Inspires Me", "Huckisms" and "You May Be A TEApublican".

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