May 20th, 2010

Residency Requirement… We Don’t Need No Stinking Residency Requirement!

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

Still think the residency requirement is a bad idea?

The Register is reporting that, of the 2,000 gay couples that got married in Iowa in the first year it was legal, over 60% were from out of state.

Several people (including yours truly) called for a residency requirement last year in the immediate aftermath of the Varnum decision. But others (you know who you are) raised a huge stink saying that that would just be a waste of time and a “distraction” from the real issue. They also said that acknowledging the need for a residency requirement was tacit acknowledgement of the authority of the Iowa Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage when “all the Court did was issue an OPINION,” and they ATTACKED those who supported a residency requirement.

One of those taking the brunt of these attacks was Rep. Steve King. Too bad for the know-it-alls that King was just proven right.

Here’s King’s statement on the statistics released yesterday.

“Just over one year ago, when the Iowa Supreme Court decided to ignore Iowa law and grant same sex couples the ability to get married in our state, I predicted that the decision, absent action by the state legislature to enact a marriage license residency requirement, would turn Iowa into the gay marriage Mecca.” King said. “Now, the Iowa Department of Public Health is reporting that of the more than 2,000 same-sex couples who were married in Iowa between April 27, 2009, and March 31, 2010, sixty percent were from out of state,” said King.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen another legislative session pass without action on either a constitutional amendment to overturn the court’s decision, or a marriage license residency requirement to keep the harmful effects of the court’s decision from being imported by ‘altar shoppers’ into other states.

“This new report from the Department of Public Health reemphasizes the short-sightedness of the court’s decision to enact a same-sex marriage law from the bench, and it provides even more evidence of the need for a residency requirement and a constitutional amendment to repeal it.”

We have now unnecessarily exported gay marriage to a host of other states, where gay couples will now use their Iowa marriage certificate to fight for gay marriage rights elsewhere.

And it all could have been avoided if a vocal few would have listened to reason and gotten on board with the residency requirement.

I hope they’re happy.

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