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January 28th, 2010

Reed’s Reaction to State of the Union

christopher20reedChristopher Reed, conservative candidate for U. S. House of Representatives for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional district, released the following in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

President Obama continues to dazzle the American public with his speaking skills, even while Americans continue to lose their jobs, their homes and their confidence in our federal government.

I am in total agreement with President Obama’s statement, “There is a deficit of trust [in the Government] by the people”. I believe this mistrust stems from a generation of politicians going to Washington DC and not holding true to the principles upon which they campaigned. The time has come for Americans to hold candidates to their words and demand that they are held accountable for their promises.

President Obama talked about the need for additional nuclear plants, more offshore drilling, and bio-fuel and clean coal expansion, which are all solutions to our nation becoming energy independent. But immediately after making this statement Obama pushed the need to pass the “Clean and Safe Climate and Energy Bill”, commonly known as “Cap and Trade”. In my estimation, this bill will do much to eliminate those energy-producing technologies he previously mentioned.

The President made several other statements I disagree with:

Our President suggested, “People are upset because Washington is not fixing their problems.” I believe it’s not the government’s job to fix people’s problems. It is the people’s job to be responsible for their own lives.

Obama mentioned he wants to “forgive” college debt for anyone who goes into “public service jobs”. This will only serve to grow an already over-sized government and create even more bureaucracy.

President Obama stated that Health Care Reform is a “complex issue” and he threatened there will be lost care, employers will shirk their responsibilities, and health care costs will rise if reform is not passed. He also said he understands there is a lot of opposition to the bill, yet he demanded Congress “get it done”. So, even though the majority of Americans do not support the current health care reform being considered, Obama will make sure it happens.

Mr. Obama said he came to Washington to open the government to the people and keep lobbyists from decision-making positions. Yet he chose to ban C-SPAN from televising health care debates and his cabinet is filled with no less than twelve lobbyists!

In one breath Mr. Obama promised new incentives to open pathways for small businesses to access loans, but in the next breath he threatened to tax and fine any lending institution that dares to make a profit. True leaders take ownership in the face of adversity, not blame others for a mess they willingly accepted responsibility for.

Our President continues to blame the previous administration for this country’s economic problems. I believe it is time for Obama to end the blame game and focus his time and energy on fixing our economy and creating jobs.

Overall, our President seems determined to pass blame to others, ignore the will of the people and force-feed his agenda on the American people.

I believe this philosophy is in exact contrast to what has made this country great. The people are the solution to problems, not the government. I believe its time to take back our country and return the control of our government to “We the People” as our constitution states!

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