September 22nd, 2010

Recession Over = Mission Accomplished

By Emily Geiger

Imagine my surprise when I checked the headlines Monday morning and learned that the recession is over.

Whew, I’m sure glad to know that, aren’t you?

I mean, it’s sure good to know that all those people I know who were unemployed last week all of the sudden have jobs, and all of those government entities that are so far in debt (including Iowa) are totally out of the woods.  Right?

What?  Unemployment is up and government debt is worse than ever?

You know, this whole proclamation reminds me a bit of Bush’s whole “Mission Accomplished” PR debacle.  I know, I know, it wasn’t actually Obama who said that the recession is over on Monday, but he has said that the worst is over and the recovery is well under way.

Then that was followed up with this:


The first thing that jumps out when you watch this video is obviously the sincerity of this lady who was brave enough to stand up and be brutally honest with the leader of the free world about his shortcomings, which is something I’m guessing he doesn’t get a lot of.

The next thing that jumped out at me is how Obama so obviously began to misjudge the entire situation.  When this lady stood up to ask her question, when she got to the part about being exhausted defending him, he actually laughed at her.

Let me repeat that.  He laughed at her.

He doesn’t get it.  In fact, I don’t think it would be possible for him to get it any less than he does.

I have never seen someone so completely out of touch with reality and with the people who elected him.

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