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July 19th, 2010

Rants Involved in Effort to Defend Arizona Border Sherriffs

Christopher Rants’ political retirement didn’t last very long.  The former Speaker of the Iowa House and gubernatorial candidate is involved in an effort to build a legal defense fund for two border sheriffs.

In the fall of 2008, Rants created The Legacy Foundation, a non-profit entity. The Legacy Foundation is now involved in the effort to defend the sheriffs that are being sued by the United States Justice Department and the ACLU for enforcing Arizona’s new immigration law.

To learn more about the initiative click here.

The following is the press release that was sent out last Friday.

Legal Defense Fund to Support Border Sheriffs on Frontline of both SB1070 and the US Border Crisis

Via Live, KFYI Press Conference Today, Border Sheriffs Announce Privately-Funded, Strong Defense re: SB1070 and Possibility of Counter-Litigation

July 15, 2010 – A non-partisan, non-profit organization – The Legacy Foundation – has agreed to raise money and provide legal defense to assist Arizona county sheriffs Paul Babeu and Larry Dever defend themselves against pro-amnesty interest groups and federal government lawsuits filed to prevent Arizona law enforcement officials from implementing SB1070, Arizona’s new illegal immigration law and to explore potential counter-litigation.

Dever’s county borders Mexico. Babeu’s county is a major corridor for human and drug smuggling. Both men are strong 1070 advocates, having served on the frontlines of the illegal immigration crisis and defended the American border against the stream of illegal-immigration-fueled criminal activity passing through their counties daily, for more than a decade. Dever’s Cochise County is largely considered Ground Zero for illegal immigration and its related crime, including the murder of rancher Robert Krentz.

Babeu and Dever have retained prominent Conservative Attorney Jordan Rose and her firm, Rose Law Group pc, to defend the Sheriff’s Offices against federal litigation and explore any/all opportunities to countersue the federal government.

“We are grateful to be able to provide the Sheriffs with the most aggressive and creative legal counsel as the lives of their men and women are on the line each day trying to enforce our laws,” Rose said.

The announcement was made today on a radio show hosted by Jim Sharpe on 550 KFYI in Phoenix. Sharpe has been a long-standing defender of 1070 and a caller’s suggestion on his show was the genesis of the fund. Sharpe has explored the hypocrisy of the federal government suing a state over a law that mirrors its own – with added safeguards against racial profiling that the federal doesn’t include.

Funding for the legal defense will be provided by the Legacy Foundation an Iowa-based,  non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) that views Arizona’s SB1070 debate as a national issue. Donations can be made at

The Offices of Cochise County Sheriff Dever and Pinal County Sheriff Babeu are named personally in the lawsuit recently filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. These Sheriffs stand on the front lines of the border crisis given their patrol areas. And whereas the Arizona Governor is mounting a defense to recent litigation against the state, these men have been on the defensive for more than 30 years given a failed border-security and immigration program. They’ve declared it’s time to find a long term resolution to this problem.

“I have spent 30 years defending this border against both criminal and economic attacks against the United States,” Dever said. “To sue my office, for defending this nation and our local, state and federal laws is despicable.”

Babeu added, “Inaction is not an option. Local law enforcement has long-successfully enforced local, state and federal laws. Carving an exception for immigration is unacceptable.”

Lawsuits filed against Arizona and its law enforcement officials stand to cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. This defense will be funded not by already-tapped county coffers, but through private donations.


Rose Law Group pc is a full service real estate and business law firm specializing in constitutional law, renewable energy, land use, zoning, government relations and lobbying, Immigration and employment law, trusts and estates, administrative law, transactional real estate, water law, Native American relations, infrastructure finance, special districts taxation, business formation/corporation issues and business litigation.  They recently hired as a special of counsel to SB 1070 issues, Tim La Sota, who has long been involved in crafting and implementing legal strategies to fight illegal immigration.


Jim hosts the 5-7 a.m. drivetime show on Newstalk 550 KFYI. Sharpe began his radio career in Arizona as a high schooler and now enjoys one of the largest audiences to be found anywhere in his home state. He has covered major events both as a news reporter and as a highly-opinionated talk show host. Sharpe was named the 2006 Arizona Associated Press Reporter of the Year – in part for his coverage of the Iraq War as an embedded reporter.


The Legacy Foundation is 501(c)(3) organization based in Des Moines, Iowa.  Its mission is to focus on state level policy matters, including constitutional and civil rights.  The issues of immigration, border security, and illegal immigrants impact all of the states across the country, and Legacy has a keen interest in making sure that the hands of state governments are not further tied by the Federal government as states step up to be the leader in this area.

The Legacy Foundation is disappointed in the lawsuits brought by the ACLU and the US Department of Justice against Sheriffs Babeu, Dever and the state of Arizona.  The Sheriffs needed financial resources to engage lawyers who believe in SB 1070 to make their best arguments for them.  Legacy is happy to be able to provide this support, but needs donations from people passionate about the issue in order to do so.  Your donation through Legacy’s “” project will be used to pay for the legal defense of SB1070 on behalf of Pinal County Sheriff Babeu, and Cochise County Sheriff Dever.

The Legacy Foundation is a non-partisan organization recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  This organization does not support or endorse candidates for election. Contributions or gifts to The Legacy Foundation are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes to the fullest extent permitted by law.  You did not receive and good or service in exchange for any part of this contribution.

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