January 14th, 2010

The Race to the Top of a Mountain of Debt

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Chet TranceHave you ever been conned into thinking you are getting something for free, but in reality it ends up costing you a bunch of money? I tend to believe in the old adage that goes, if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, Governor Culver and his cohorts in the legislature don’t think to read the small print on the legislation that they pass or even consider the ramifications of the “too good to be true” money from the federal government.

Last night, the Senate hastily passed the “Race to the Top” legislation that would secure $175 million for Iowa schools. The problem is that the money comes with a lot of strings attached. So basically, in return for $175 million in onetime cash, the state will have to implement new programs and make changes to the state’s labor laws. The real kicker is that Iowa taxpayer will be asked to fund it once the federal money is gone.

This new education scheme is really no different than President Obama’s scheme involving the state stimulus money for workforce development. Back then, a number of Republican Governors rejected millions of dollars from President Obama’s state stimulus package that was to be used to expand unemployment insurance benefits.

These Governors understood that if they expanded the eligibility for unemployment benefits, which was required if they accepted the federal money, they would have to raise their state’s unemployment insurance tax once the money from the federal government was gone.

With most state budgets facing deficits, many states have jumped at the opportunity to take this federal money. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the Obama Administration created a program that gives schools a pile of money in return for making major changes in the state’s education laws.

Thankfully Republicans in the Senate voted against the measure, but the bill still passed. Senator Paul McKinley said, “What started as a ‘race to the top’ ended as a race for the cash, and our children and property taxpayers will suffer the consequences.” I couldn’t agree more.

State government under the control of Culver and Gronstal acts just like a drug addict. Both the State and the addict are always in search of a quick fix. The addict is looking for drugs while the state needs money. The problem for both is that their actions harm a lot of innocent people. Sadly, it is the taxpayer who is going to be expected to pick up the tab.

The funny thing about this whole scheme is that school superintendents across the state are strongly against this plan. Culver and the Democrats made sure these superintendants didn’t have any time to voice their opinion on this issue because the state needed a quick fix.

Ahhhh, life as a junkie. How sad.

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