June 8th, 2010

Primary Questions

My email has been full of people asking me questions about the primary. So instead of spending all my time responding to those people individually, I thought I would just answer them here.

Mable from Fredonia asks: Hey Krusty, do you think the 2nd or 3rd CD will go to convention?

Thanks for your question Mable. For as much as people have talked about these two primaries being decided at a special nominating convention, I just don’t see. If it does happen it will be in your district. That’s the 2nd CD for all you slacker who have never been to Fredonia.

Miller-Meeks should clear the 35% threshold in the 2nd District, but who knows. The cast of characters running against her is interesting to say the least. I think they all pull votes from her, but do so equally. If the 2nd is going to convention tell me who among Gettemy, Rathje, and Reed will get 30% of the vote.? I just don’t see it. I see it this way, Miller Meeks 40%, Rathje/Gettemy/Reed all get around 20% giver or take 5 points either way for each.

In the Third CD, the race is between Zaun and Gibbons. I think they both could get above the 35% threshold, but that might be asking for too much. I peg Gibbons at 40%, Zaun 32%, Funk 15%, Rees 7%, Betroche 3%, Batcher 2%, Welch 1%. If I’m right on this and Gibbons wins it outright, that’s a big accomplishment for him.

Wilbur from Maquoketa asks: Krusty, what are the races where you think the Tea Party will have the greatest impact?

Great question Wilbur. If you want to see the impact of Tea Party you will need to look at the down ballot races. For example, I think the Tea Party candidate in HD 8, Tom Shaw, could pull the upset over Dr. Steve Richards, a moderate establishment guy. The only larger race that I can see the Tea Party having an affect on is the 1st CD race. I think Will Johnson has a fighting chance against Ben Lange.

Michelle from Sergeant Bluff asks: Krusty, who will be Branstad or Vander Plaats’ running mate if they win the nomination.

Michelle, that’s a harder question than you think. I think Vander Plaats’ running mate would be my old friend from Cedar Rapids, Peter Teahen. He seems to travel the state with Vander Plaats where there are large events taking place. He’s also given the opportunity to speak at these events. As some of you know, I wouldn’t be to hip on that, but I could rekindle my relationship with one of Teahen’s old co-workers from overseas.

As for Branstad, I think the pick will be extremely safe. That means it is likely to be someone who is solidly pro-life and conservative. My list would focus on former legislators. I could see a mustache ticket of Branstad/Lamberti, or another safe pick would be Carmine Boal who is an integral part of his campaign or Mr. Nice Guy, Rod Roberts.

Jeremy from ISU asks: K-man, dude, I have no clue who to vote for in the State Treasurer race or the Secretary of State Race. Can you help?

Sure Jeremy. I have endorsed Matt Schultz. Here is what I wrote a while back.

“Since 2006, Eichhorn has lost elections to be the Republican nominee to fill Stu Iverson’s seat, lost his State House reelection to McKinley Bailey, lost a bid to be on the Republican State Central Committee, and lost the US Senate primary to Chris Reed. Folks, I know a trend when I see one. I couldn’t pick Schultz out in a crowd, but we need new faces, not perennial losers.”

Actually, Schultz is an impressive guy who has a bright future and is actually talking about the issues that voters will care about in November.

For State Treasurer, I think Jamison will win this sucker going away. Jamison, who is your County Treasurer by the way, has paid his dues in Republican circles for years. All of his hard word and dedication to the Party over the years will pay off tomorrow. Heavens seems like a nice guy, but Jamison is my pick.

Bob for Pizza Ranch asks: Krusty, Bob Vander Plaats is the man. I think Branstad is going down. What say you?

Well Bob, I think Terry Branstad is going to have an easy win tomorrow night. I say Branstad 58%, Vander Plaats 32%, and Roberts 10%. I hear that you are one of Pizza Ranch’s best customers. I hope they have one of those buy 10 get one free cards.

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