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February 4th, 2010

“Populist” Bruce Braley, Meet “Bailout” Bruce Braley

Braley TV“Populist” Democrat Bruce Braley appeared on the FOX Business Channel last night but didn’t seem to appreciate the frank conversation about his voting record:

As the hosts note, Braley like to talk tough about taking on Wall Street and fighting for the middle class, but his voting record – with the government takeover of healthcare, the massive Obama budget and the bank bailout of 2008 – is on that mainstream America would find “outrageously offensive.”

Another noteworthy part of the interview is when the hosts point out that Braley told the Huffington Post that he created the populist caucus to give a voice to the people AFTER Braley backed the bailout. Apparently Braley’s hypocrisy know no bounds.

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