March 2nd, 2010

Pop Culture Montage: Olympics, Ohno, & Oh-no-He-Didn’t!

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Written by: Battleground Iowa

By Emily Geigermontage

I need a little break from politics, so, since I have given you fair warning that I do comment on pop culture, that’s where I’m going today.

Olympics Over

I have to say I’m a little sad the Olympics are over. Yep, I’m one of those people. Every four years, I suddenly become engrossed with sports like curling and bobsledding and Nordic Combined. I even watched an entire hockey game for the first time since… well, ever.

My brief observations:

-Evan Lysacek totally deserved to win the men’s figure skating gold over spastic Russian dude.

-Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the media wouldn’t have been nearly so enthralled with skier Lindsey Vonn if she was just a whiny, vapid snow bunny who hadn’t taken her clothes off for Sports Illustrated?

-Apolo Anton Ohno is a classy guy.

-The American men’s hockey team needed to not look like their dog just died as they were receiving Olympic silver medals. Some people would kill for one of those. It’s not like you lost to a bunch of communists, just a bunch of socialists. Happy, go-lucky, super-friendly arctic socialists.

-The American four man bobsled driver (Steve Holcomb) gives hope to short, pudgy, half-blind dudes everywhere.

The Bachelor

This falls into the category of oh-no-he-didn’t! What a loser. Way to pick the most immature, narcissistic, trashy girl available. They say nice guys always finish last. Well, I got news for you boys. Nice girls often finish last, too. Especially when the competition is surgically enhanced and spray tanned.

Obama Excuses

So, did you really think I could totally ignore politics? I heard on the radio yesterday that Barry is blaming his “marginally high” cholesterol on the fact that he just has so much good food available to him as president.

According to White House smartass, I mean, spokesman, Robert Gibbs, President Obama just can’t resist temptation when he has a kitchen staff and a pastry chef at his disposal.

Gibbs forgot to mention that Obama also can’t resist spending our government into oblivion when he has our tax dollars at his disposal.

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Battleground Iowa
Emily Geiger writes from a conservative perspective on everything from politics to religion to pop culture. Like the original Emily of Revolutionary War era, this Emily is delivering important messages crucial to winning the raging war of the time, but today, this is a culture war rather than a traditional one. And, like the original Emily, sometimes it takes a woman to do (or say) that which lesser men lack the courage and tenacity to do.

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