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September 27th, 2010

Police Officers for Good Government endorses Terry Branstad for Governor

Same group endorsed Chet Culver in 2006; Says Branstad will bring ‘proven leadership’ back to Iowa government

Former Gov. Terry Branstad this morning received the endorsement of Police Officers for Good Government, which represents 600 Des Moines active and retired police officers, and is a group that supported Chet Culver four years ago.

“Terry Branstad brings credibility, accountability, respect and proven leadership back to state of Iowa government,” said Sgt. Dave Murillo in announcing the endorsement at a news conference. “His promise to make state government open, transparent and accessible to all Iowans makes him the only choice for Iowa’s next governor.”

Branstad welcomed the endorsement, which occurred at Des Moines Police Officer Recreation and Training Building in Pleasant Hill. Branstad was surrounded by public safety professionals from across the state.

“I have always made, and will continue to make, public safety a top priority if I am elected governor again,” said Branstad. “While public safety entities should be encouraged to find new efficiencies, share services and reallocate resources, citizens place a high priority on the governmental role to provide public safety. As responsible leaders, we must not allow furloughs to impede our ability to continue to serve and protect.”

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