June 29th, 2010

Planned Parenthood on a Rampage in Iowa & Nebraska

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Written by: Battleground Iowa
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By Emily Geiger

Lots of pro-life issues in the news lately. First, last week, most Iowans learned for the first time that Iowa is playing guinea pig for a Planned Parenthood program that provides women with the abortion pill without ever having to see a doctor.

That’s a problem because Iowa law requires that abortions be conducted by doctors. This programs basically lets a doctor talk to the patient via a web cam with no actual physical examination whatsoever.

Operation Rescue has asked Iowa’s Attorney General, Tom Miller, to review this program due to their belief it is not in accordance with Iowa law. According to news accounts, Miller has pretty much blown them off. Miller is on record as being a pro-abortion convert, formerly being pro-life, but, to maintain his place in the Democratic establishment, becoming pro-choice in recent years.

And speaking of Planned Parenthood, that organization has now filed suit against the state of Nebraska challenging its law requiring a mental health screening which is aimed at ensuring the woman has not been pressured into the abortion by outside parties.

Isn’t it ironic that the pro-choicers are up in arms about a requirement that is aimed at ensuring the woman truly has made an independent, informed choice?

And all of this comes amidst news from the United Kingdom of a study claiming that babies cannot feel pain before 24 weeks gestation.

Currently, pro-life advocates in the UK are pushing for restrictions on abortions as of 20 weeks gestation. Currently, the UK restricts abortion at 24 weeks.

The irony of this is that, not only is it clear that babies feel pain at 24 weeks, there are actually babies who survive at 24 weeks, so, how any serious study can conclude that those babies do not feel pain when being poked and prodded for the purpose of saving their lives don’t feel pain while being aborted in the womb is just beyond all rational understanding.

There is ultrasound after ultrasound clearly showing babies attempting to evade abortion instruments during abortions and attempting to scream once the instruments reach them. There is the fact that babies are given anesthesia during in utero surgeries at stages much earlier than 24 weeks. So, it seems that these doctors are willing to acknowledge fetal pain when the baby is wanted and the mother desires surgery to save it, but they want to ignore it when they can make a few dollars off of an abortion.

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