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October 19th, 2010

Paulsen: 15 days to 51

By Rep. Kraig Paulsen, House Republican Leader

When Democrats took control of the Iowa House in 2006, House Republicans knew it would take determination and purpose to resist the liberal wish list that was about to be unleashed in the Legislature.

House Republicans locked arms and fought against the relentless push to increase state spending.  Four years of fighting against the biggest budgets in Iowa history presented clear differences.  We offered over $600 million in budget saving ideas – many that came directly from Iowans. House Democrats offered $6 billion budgets.

House Republicans pushed back against the governor’s plan to saddle our children with $1.7 BILLION in new debt for the next 20 years.  Not one House Republican supported the governor’s failed IJOBS stimulus package.

Early on, the Democrats moved to dismantle one of Iowa’s greatest job creation tools: our Right to Work law.  Because of our efforts and Iowan’s efforts, Democrats were unable to even bring the bill to the floor for debate.  They tried again a few years later and once again, Iowan’s and House Republicans were ready.  Right to Work is still intact today.

When the Democrat Speaker kicked Iowans out of their own House chamber during a hearing on repealing federal deductibility, we fought back.  Standing with outraged Iowans, House Republicans prevented the repeal of what is most Iowans’ largest income tax deduction.

A hard fought battle over the Democrats’ anti-taxpayer prevailing wage scheme resulted in unprecedented action from the Democrat Speaker of the House.  Without enough votes to pass the bill, he left the voting machine open over the weekend.  House Republicans literally stood watch all weekend and when the machine closed on Monday morning, we had successfully sunk another bad bill.

We witnessed the Democrat-controlled House run over Iowans, spend their money without restraint, destroy jobs, and sink the state into debt.  Now more than ever, it is crucial to the success of our state that Republicans take back the majority in the Iowa House.

We have stood firmly on our conservative principles and offered pragmatic and commonsense alternatives to the Democrats’ big government agenda.

When we take back the majority we have a lot to do.  We will ensure Iowa taxpayers always have a seat at the table.  We will get out of the way and let businesses create jobs.  We will constitutionally protect Right to Work.  We will reduce the size and reach of government.  We will increase true education standards and empower local schools.  We will make government more open and transparent and make it serve Iowans, rather than the reverse.  We will let Iowans vote on the definition of marriage.

We have history on our side.  We’re seeing a very favorable environment.  From top to bottom, the Republican ticket is working; working hard and working together.  House candidates are knocking doors, meeting voters and raising money.  After four years of incompetent leadership and expanding government, Iowans see the wisdom in conservative principles.

We will be successful, but we need your help.  Find out who’s running for the Iowa House from your area here:  Help them door knock, meet voters, and be successful.  You can donate to House Republicans by visiting

Help us take back the majority, 15 days to 51 Republicans!

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