October 5th, 2010

Pass the Popcorn, I want to see Kim and Patty go at it.

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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When Terry Branstad selected Kim Reynolds to be his running mate, the media asked if she was ready to be governor of the state of Iowa.  Branstad insisted that she was, and Reynolds said that she wouldn’t have taken the job if she didn’t think she was ready.

If you listen to Grassley’s TV ads or hear Reynolds on the stump, it seems that the only experience one needs for statewide office is to have traveled to all 99 counties.  That means most RAGBRAI veterans are prepared to lead the state.  If that’s the case Chicken Man should be Branstad’s running mate.

Now, Reynolds has more experience than that.  She is a long-time elected official with vast amounts if experience in county government and has now had two years of experience in the State Senate.  She has run numerous campaigns and should be willing to debate the woman who currently holds the jobs that she seeks to attain.

Unfortunately, the Branstad campaign will not allow it.  I understand the politics on which they are basing their decision.  Reynolds put her foot in her mouth when she sat down with Doug Burns this summer.  Burns is probably the most liberal member of the media in the state.  He writes for City View and The Iowa Independent, two liberal publications.  Reynolds’ comments in that interview created a mess that the Branstad campaign had to clean up.  I get not wanting to create a mess when you are up 19 points in the polls.

I would also admit that debating Patty Judge would be more difficult than debating Culver.  She’s a cutthroat, nasty liberal who probably has a better understanding of what’s going on in the Culver administration than Chet Culver does.  I also realize that the mere fact that she is itching for a debate might indicate that the Culver campaign needs the Lt. Governor debate to attack the Branstad ticket in hopes to distract the media from the important issues facing Iowa.

Regardless of all of that, Kim Reynolds should debate Patty Judge.  The prize that Branstad and Reynolds seek is a substantial one.  If they are successful the two of them will be charged with leading the state.  With that being the case, Reynolds should be more than willing to square off against Patty Judge.

I happen to be one of those Iowans who like to know what I’m voting for.  Terry Branstad has done a good job in explaining to the voters what he will do as this state’s governor.  However, I don’t know what I’m getting with Reynolds yet.

People don’t typically cast their votes for who the Lt. Governor is, instead we vote for the top of the ticket.  I plan to do the same this year, but I would like the opportunity to see Reynolds in a debate setting.  If Sarah Palin can debate Joe Biden, Reynolds can surely debate Patty Judge.

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