February 12th, 2010

Open Thread Friday

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

OpenThreadHere is what’s on my mind. Feel free to respond to these issues or add to the conversation in the comment section.

Culver is pissed off at Auditor Vaudt

Man, I think Auditor Vaudt struck a nerve when he said that the Governor’s budget is illegal. Instead of providing information showing that the he is right and the Auditor is wrong, Culver instead lashed out at Vaudt yet again. Culver said, “I think the auditor needs to focus more on his day-to-day responsibilities which do not include saying anything about a proposed budget.”

Culver is so pissed at Vaudt that he had Dick Oshlo, who heads up the Department of Management, look up the Auditor’s responsibilities. Oshlo said, “Code Chapter 11 establishes the duties of the state auditor. There is nothing in Chapter 11 that requires him to review the state budget. He is supposed to do the audit of state programs, not the budget. He has no statutory authority to prepare or review the state budget and, therefore, does not have to make the difficult decisions about the budgetary allocation of state resources. The Governor and the Legislature “do the budget, as required by the Code.”

All I have to say is thank goodness someone is making sure everything adds up. It’s not the first time Culver has lashed out. He did so last June when the nonpartisan LSA said that last year’s budget ended up in the red. Come to think of it, Vaudt basically confirmed what the LSA said about Culver’s budget just a week ago.

Shane at Over-Caffeinated Thoughts thinks that I was unfair for positing the Kaufmann/Lehman email exchange.

Here is the deal Shane.

1. It’s not like I went digging for this crap. Someone sent me the email chain and I posted it. The reason I didn’t include Kim’s last reply is that I never received it.

2. Like it or not, this is newsworthy. For all of you who think that this is just a drum that I continue to beat, I hope you remember these were actual news stories.

3. I think all involved in this should grow up. I thought High School was over.

4. Maybe exposing such immature behavior will put an end to this crap.

Is Jack Hatch in NE Iowa?

Racial slurs, swatiska graffiti now reported in three NE IA counties
. Last time we heard about that was about a year ago when Hatch dropped the N-Bomb in the Iowa House. I wonder if there is a connection.

Funk Attacks Gibbons

Dave Funk threw down on his primary opponent Jim Gibbons yesterday. Funk thinks that former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is the “ear mark” king. What I found interesting is that Funk didn’t attack Ganske, a well known moderate. Maybe that’s because Funk used to fly Ganske around in his plane during his US Senate campaign.

Anyway, it’s good to see a spirited primary in the third. I just wish the candidates would be talking about issues instead of getting pissed-off about who’s coming in to do a fundraiser.

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