January 19th, 2010

ONE QUICK POINT: What Can Brown Do For You?

brown_square_tshirt-p235196053655108229qw9y_400Scott Brown’s senate victory in Massachusetts should inspire everyone in America! Republicans, TEApublicans, Independents and even Democrats should be proud right?  I mean wasn’t it unamerican to not be in awe of Obama’s victory in 08.  Can’t even dems share some token inspiration for such a monumental sentimental victory?

Forty Seven years Ted Kennedy held his senate seat.  Forty Seven years… Isn’t changing that something to respect?  Well dems if you have trouble sleeping tonight at least for now you technically have private health care to depend on in case your sleeplessness grows into illness.

Before I even read all the prolific punditry, armchair quarterback liberal whining and Republican revolution remarks I am going to soak in this one thought…

This is inspiring! “This is the people’s seat,”  says Scott Brown.  What can Brown do for you?  Inspire you, that’s what!

Brown delivers.  Enjoy this clip of Brown’s acceptance speech.

[youtube EKfT4Y9ZIuE]

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