September 29th, 2010

Odd: Obama Sure Likes to Overnight in Des Moines

I’m sure this is going to get me in trouble, but the reason most of you read my ramblings is because you find them interesting.  We all know you are not clicking to read a well-written masterpiece.

President Obama is back in Des Moines today.  Like always the news media is fascinated about everything Obama.  Unfortunately, they never question a thing when the President comes to town.

The President arrived in Des Moines last night.  He was greeted by Governor Culver, Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie, State Rep. Janet Petersen, former State Rep. Willie Glanton, and of course, One Iowa’s Carolyn Jenison.

Jenison told the Des Moines Register, “The president recognizes the LGBT community.”

Don’t we all?  I acknowledge their existence all the time.  I just don’t think that a woman who decides to marry another woman who happens to look and dress like a dude should receive special treatment from our government based entirely on their behavior.

The funny thing about Jenison’s comment is that President Obama has said publically that he believes marriage should be between one man and one woman.    That is also a position that most Iowan’s hold and would like the opportunity to vote on.  Obama’s anti-gay marriage position is also consistent with his Christian faith…

There is one thing that I find strange about Obama’s visit.  Why does President Obama stay overnight when he comes to Iowa?  The President has slept over in Iowa on his last two visits here.  It’s odd, and frankly I don’t think its been done before.

President George W. Bush never spent a night here when he was in office, and I don’t think Bill Clinton did either.  Yet, Obama has already slept here twice?  What or who is the reason for this?  Blast me all you want, but President’s don’t rack up Marriott Rewards while in office.

The President flew to Iowa from Madison Wisconsin. The President could have left DC this morning at 7 am and touch down in Des Moines easily by 9 am.  When you have your own airline, and you take a helicopter to the airport from your home, traveling is not that difficult or time consuming.

Instead he flew to Iowa to have dinner with Governor Culver at the place that bakes his favorite cookies. I’m sure her raised a few dollars while he was here too.  But the question that should be asked is the President safe when he overnights in a city like Des Moines at the Airport Hampton Inn?

Sure, his security team surrounds him, but there are reasons why Presidents have traditionally gone back to the White House when ever possible, it’s safe.

I’m also a little disgusted that he is traveling to Iowa have a back yard chat.  Why not talk to people who actually employ people?  Why not talk to people who are out of work?

The home he visited provided a great backdrop, but its not like the owners of the property can relate to people who need jobs.  The Clubb’s purchased their home in May of 2009 for almost $300,000.  The both have good jobs and a nice home.  What is the President trying to message while in Iowa?

To me it looked like just another campaign event funded by the taxpayers.

Photo by that Dave Davidson guy.

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