May 13th, 2010

Obradovich Glitch: “David Loebsack Has A Safe Seat”

Once again Kathie Obradovich, the beloved all-knowing Des Moines Moines Register time traveling political warlock writer, (who just seems to know everything and write like her words are gospel green mildewy fact) has written opinion like its the real deal with the following words in her blog today… “David Loebsack has a safe seat.”

Gosh if she had only told republican candidates this months ago we would have never let Meeks, Reed, Rathje and Gettemy on the ballot.  So much money could have been saved by simply throwing in the towel.  I mean what a waste of time for republican candidates it has been to even run, because after all Obradovich says the seat is safe and she often times writes opinion like its the truth, right?  I guess the rest of the race is just a show since back-the-future Obradovich knows what will happen.

Hey I believe in the flux capacitor.  Its just getting those pesky 1.21 gigawatts to cooperate at the right time is the challenge.  Hmmm.  So maybe there is an Obradovich glitch after all… The battle between presupposed liberal agenda vs. actual truth, fact and reality.

[youtube I5cYgRnfFDA]

From the tea party front I bet Obradovich is aware that U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack is among the “54 most dangerous” members of Congress appearing on a deck of tea party–produced playing cards modeled after those created in 2003 to hunt “Iraq’s Most Wanted, but like so many other factors working against Loebsack that just doesn’t matter to her.

Loebsack has the distinct honor to appear as the Eight of Hearts, not as famous of a antagonist as “Jokers” like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  He is no “Ace” like Democratic U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman and Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain, but hey he Eight of Hearts is part of the deck.   I will wait for the blogger deck to see where Obradovich fits.

No matter what the vote total is after the votes are counted for the June 8th primary I suppose we will have to wait until the Des Moines Register’s Kathie Obradovich posts her blog to tells us who wins.  Same thing for November 2nd, I mean after all things like poll numbers and public opinion have no bearing on “victory,” only Kathie’s opinion does.  Right?  Never mind the nationwide anti democratic movement.  Obradovich thinks Iowa voters can’t catch a clue.

For example the polls numbers immediately following the first gubernatorial debate from the station which aired it had Branstad and Roberts at 26% each and Vander Plaats at 48%.  While the unscientific poll was based on online viewers who had just watched the debate, it is safe to say the online poll was more accurate depiction of Iowa voters than Kathie Obradovich’s biased lazy conclusion, which gave the Branstad campaign bragging rights.

At the time Obradovich claimed, “There were really no game-changing moments in the debate, which means Branstad won.”

I personally asked Kathie about this a few days later at the Des Moines Tea Party and explained to her the data of the KTIV online poll.  She responded saying, “That’s not data.”  Well excuse me I though to myself.  Gee I thought numbers where part of the definition of the word data and should enter into the conclusion wielding process.  Never mind.

Kathie is certainly entitled to her opinion, but I think at least those poll numbers they could have been cited in her work.  Her contributions to the our capitol city newspaper wavers from column style writing to news reporting and opinion blogging.  And there you have it… The difference in a news story and a blog where a news story should provide a story telling narrative of facts while a blog has the expectation of many points of view, one of which is opinion only.  The challenge with Obradovich is you never know from what context she seems to be writing from and readers can fall prey to taking the bait that her opinion and fact are congruent.

Obradovich’s conclusions should change the history of the planet if only it were true and had any salt of reasonable logic supporting it.  Hey Kathie in the final Olympic hockey game between USA and Canada, the Canadians only had a few goals more than USA so really in your mind USA won because it really wasn’t a death blow.  After all USA was still skating at the end of the game.  Hmmm I don’t remember any gold medals for that.  I’m glad she doesn’t cover sports.

[youtube k1GBuVy7Jf4]

As Obradovich minimizes the consequence, relevance and importance of the issues ranging from the so call safety of Loebsack’s congressional seat to the effectiveness of Bob Vander Plaats in debates the problem is that some people actually believes her.

It’s not Kathie’s fault that weeks ago the Branstad campaign used your blog “victory headline” in their e-newsletter, but after all that is all they could find after the debate to prop themselves up and feed their supporters a thrown bone.  I’m not sure what was more pathetic Kathie, your lame conclusion on scoring a debate victory or Branstad’s campaign for promoting it? I suppose Loebsack should have a press conference declaring victory already.  What is the use of elections with Obradovich around?

So should we expect an actual election to determine Loebsack’s fate? Whether by constitutional law, tradition or strange old habits maybe we should just just go ahead with the election process after all and see who voters choose in June and November instead of letting Kathie decide.  Seriously Kathie your blog opinion to quote yourself, is often as relevant as a toothpick making a dent in an iceberg.  Please turn up the objective part of your brain the next month.  People know the liberal agenda of the Register.  You’re not fooling everyone.

It’s will be over when voters sing, not until Kathie Obradovich says it’s over.

Obradovich photo by Dave Davidson
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